Montclar Challenge

Sponset av Montclar

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Fra 17/12/2021 til 10/04/2022


Track the most km in one day


2022/23 Season Ski Pass and more!



We want to reward your loyalty!

If you're the sort of person who likes to get the most out of a day's worth of skiing, this is the challenge for you. What do you need to do? Ski the most kilometers downhill in one day!



Top 1: will win a Season Pass for 2022/23.

Top 2: will win 1 weekend pass

Top 3: will win 2x daily pass.

But wait, there's more! Among all the participants, we will select one random winner of a 6-day ski pass for season 2022/23

Don't miss this opportunity! Open the app and start tracking your descents!


How does it work?

1. Join the challenge

2. Record your ski days at Montclar with the GPS Tracker

3. The winners will be announced through Skitude’s usual channels: email and Instagram.


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1Current leaderpascal7404174,6 km
2pascal7404137,7 km
3pascal7404130,7 km
4pascal7404125,8 km
5nicolame119,0 km
6sebst118,2 km
7basile214116,5 km
8sebst114,9 km
9sebst112,0 km
10sebst106,4 km
11basile21497,5 km
12basile21485,9 km
13sebst81,9 km
14linocorvaxx80,7 km
15rafa9013080,5 km
16TheoKopinski75,8 km
17Mathiskopinski75,1 km
18basile21474,9 km
19linocorvaxx73,6 km
20sebst73,4 km
21basile21473,2 km
22basile21472,5 km
23pascal740471,2 km
24basile21469,8 km
25linocorvaxx69,4 km
26tylerpmc69,2 km
27basile21468,7 km
28linocorvaxx67,3 km
29tylerpmc62,1 km
30pascal740461,9 km
31Mathiskopinski61,5 km
32Pat1361,3 km
33SESE1360,5 km
34pascal740460,5 km
35TheoKopinski59,9 km
36tylerpmc59,5 km
37pascal740458,7 km
38Mathiskopinski58,1 km
39AnoukCnlls57,9 km
40lmb9857,7 km
41ivanroche56,6 km
42Furtif1300856,5 km
43Villa_Villa_Cola56,5 km
44tylerpmc56,4 km
45TheoKopinski56,0 km
46sebst55,7 km
47Mathiskopinski54,9 km
48leaolvrs54,9 km
49Pat1354,2 km
50Pepsicat54,2 km