Chamrousse ski challenge

Sponset av Chamrousse

Når og hvor

Fra 05/02/2022 til 18/04/2022


Track the most km in one day


Luge Park pass + ski passes for the 2022/23 season


Come and participate in the Chamrousse ski challenge, by taking the direction of "Chamrousse Mountain Park" for your holidays!

Download the application, select the challenge, launch the GPS tracker, record at least 1 of your crazy days of alpine skiing.

To win, you have to ski a maximum of kilometers in 1 day with Chamrousse app! And don’t worry if you don’t manage it in one day – you can try as many times as you’d like.

Cool skiing: the aim is to enjoy a full day on the Chamrousse slopes, not the speed! Be careful on the ski slopes.


  • Top 1:  will win a 2-day alpine skipass.
  • Top 2: will win a 1-day alpine skipass.
  • Top 3: will win a four-hour skipass.

But wait, there's more! Among all the participants, we will select two winners of a Luge Park / snooc pass


How to participate: it’s very easy!

1. Download the application Chamrousse by Skitude (link below)

2. Discover or rediscover the winter mode in Chamrousse with all the webcams, daily weather and snow report … and more!

3. Join the "Chamrousse Ski Challenge"

4. Create your Skitude account

5. Register your type of snow activity (ski, snowboard…) with the GPS tracker on the app and discover your performances statistics (time, speed, distance, average speed)


Please note that skipasses are for the 2022-2023 winter and to use on the Chamroussse alpine park or luge park only.

Winners will be announced by email and on the Skitude and Chamrousse channels. 

By agreeing to participate in this challenge, you agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy.

1Current leaderAntone69153,0 km
2jdflaugergues124,5 km
301161420291648482865299123,7 km
4LeDjTom117,2 km
5babs26107,4 km
6Javielito3333105,9 km
7Vince45102,5 km
8Tony77380102,1 km
9Sebastien66101,2 km
10SiiGaa__100,9 km
11fabzh100,7 km
12babs26100,2 km
13kris3899,4 km
14kiliann98,1 km
15fabzh96,6 km
16kris3895,4 km
17Edsot94,4 km
18babs2694,1 km
19Samchou90,0 km
20Cyrille7389,1 km
21lizafqt88,1 km
22Airolf88,0 km
23Theoand87,0 km
24Joris_FDL86,8 km
25Aymeric6810085,7 km
26stephdum84,6 km
27Theoand84,2 km
280116142029164848286529983,8 km
29Greg62-0282,8 km
30Sebastien6682,4 km
31marlou0881,8 km
32Aymeric6810081,6 km
33marlou0881,6 km
34babs2679,8 km
35SimonTyr79,6 km
36kiliann78,9 km
37stephdum78,8 km
38alainbad3877,4 km
39SiiGaa__76,9 km
40agnes3475,9 km
41Aristodamos75,7 km
42GwenInTheFrenchAlps75,7 km
43lizafqt75,6 km
44GwenInTheFrenchAlps75,4 km
45davidcousineau75,2 km
46Cyrille7375,1 km
47Tony7738075,1 km
48Antone6974,5 km
49marlou0873,5 km
50chris6073,0 km