Snow Hero Southern Hemisphere Edition by Skitude

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Fra 10/06/2021 til 01/10/2021


Track the most km in just one day.


GoPro® HERO8 Black™.


We’re looking for the Skitude skier with the most stamina!

How many kilometres can you track in JUST ONE DAY? Good question, right? So, you’ll have to find out for yourself. Time is gold in this challenge: ski without stopping all day and win a GoPro® HERO8 Black™!

And don’t worry if you don’t manage it in one day – you can try as many times as you’d like. You have the whole season to do it, so… keep your eye on the rankings and try to stay in the top 1!

How does it work? It’s pretty simple!

1. Join the challenge.

2. Track the most km in just one day with the app’s GPS Tracker.

3. The winner will be announced through Skitude’s usual channels, email, InstagramFacebook and Twitter.


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1Current leaderjesub171,8 km
2Turbovini167,4 km
3michaelodonnell156,5 km
4Turbovini148,3 km
5jesub147,5 km
6CamilO117,1 km
7mauriciovaldivia107,5 km
8jml@lyv.cl104,2 km
9sebakoll102,3 km
10Tomasgareaenduro99,5 km
11fvaldiviac98,7 km
12mrodriguez280998,5 km
13jml@lyv.cl96,1 km
14mauriciovaldivia95,4 km
15fvaldiviac94,1 km
16mauriciovaldivia91,7 km
17jml@lyv.cl91,4 km
18jml@lyv.cl90,8 km
19mauriciovaldivia90,5 km
20mauriciovaldivia88,5 km
21Tomasgareaenduro86,7 km
22mauriciovaldivia85,8 km
23Tomasgareaenduro85,5 km
24Tomasgareaenduro85,1 km
25mauriciovaldivia84,4 km
26jml@lyv.cl84,2 km
27Tomasgareaenduro82,7 km
28jml@lyv.cl81,4 km
29fvaldiviac80,9 km
30DiamondDave80,9 km
31daireaux80,1 km
32fvaldiviac80,0 km
33jml@lyv.cl79,8 km
34Tomasgareaenduro79,8 km
35fvaldiviac78,9 km
36mauriciovaldivia78,8 km
37Tomasgareaenduro78,4 km
38fvaldiviac77,0 km
39francisco7776,5 km
40jml@lyv.cl76,3 km
41GonzaGareca75,9 km
42fvaldiviac75,7 km
43CharlesWare75,0 km
44mauriciovaldivia74,5 km
45DiamondDave74,2 km
46Turbovini73,3 km
47mauriciovaldivia72,9 km
48jesub72,6 km
49Tomasgareaenduro71,8 km
50jml@lyv.cl71,3 km