Aussois Challenge

Sponset av Aussois

Når og hvor

Fra 25/02/2022 til 15/04/2022


Track more than 20 km / 42 km in one day


Season Pass and more!


Do you like the idea of winning a season pass for Aussois? Then don't miss this challenge!


What do you need to do?

We’re challenging you to log your own ski marathon (42 km) in one day. Open the tracker first thing in the morning and don’t stop until your legs are on fire. 1 winner will be drawn for among all the classified to win a season pass for the 22/23 season to ski in Aussois. 


Is 40 km too much for you? Don't worry, there's more! Among all the participants who track at least 20 km in one day, we will select 10 random winners of 1 entrance to the pool Ô’soi (valid until the end of the 2022/2023 season).

Who will be those 11 lucky winners? Fire up the tracker and start tracking your runs now. ⛷


How does it work?

1. Record at least 20 km or 42 km at Aussois with the GPS Tracker

2. The winners will be announced through Aussois and Skitude’s usual channels: email and social media.


By agreeing to participate in this challenge, you agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy.

1Current leaderAxelle021054,4 km
2nimo39,6 km
3deric30,7 km
4Christophe1565,8 km
5fred2328,7 km
6Christophe1555,8 km
7nimo42,3 km
8Axelle021049,7 km
9deric50,9 km
10Axelle021032,1 km
11nimo40,0 km
12deric41,6 km
13fabcha16,3 km
14Axelle021036,1 km
15Antoinealnm26,5 km
16caribou0119,0 km
17nimo20,1 km
18TatiDam38,7 km
19deric10,7 km
20Antoinealnm48,8 km
21caribou0128,1 km
22TatiDam24,5 km
23deric62,8 km
24Christophe1546,8 km
25Axelle021045,8 km
26deric21,6 km
27avan002913,8 km
28wenzgate30,8 km
29Julien-le-prof26,6 km
30gtigriu14,1 km
31avan002919,5 km
32domihenrion38,2 km
33avan002921,1 km
34MattWasteels27,0 km
35deric48,3 km
36gtigriu44,6 km
37Marjolein9841,7 km
38fabcha25,0 km
39domihenrion54,6 km
40jemajez44,2 km
41Julien-le-prof38,7 km
42caribou0122,6 km
43gtigriu61,6 km
44MattWasteels56,1 km
45ericde50,1 km
46Marjolein9847,6 km
47Julien-le-prof39,4 km
48domihenrion19,7 km
49jemajez14,2 km
50Steve-Wasteels10,8 km