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Mt St Gwinear 28-08-2016 à 00:56:42

Warm weather yesterday and plenty of visitors took its toll on the toboggan slops so these are now closed. There is still good snow play and sightseeing snow. The XC trails are softening and obstacles are showing…so rock hoppers are advised. PV office and Food Van are OPEN. Road is OPEN and clear. This could be the last Sunday of the year with snow so don't miss it folks!

Mt St Gwinear 27-08-2016 à 01:51:54

The sun is out so it's going to be a lovely day…perhaps the best and one of the last for season 2016. We've had a few people ask the following questions: Q: Do I need wheel chains? A: Yes, it's the law…even 4WDs must carry them. Q: How much does Mt St Gwinear cost? A: Entry is FREE. Q: Where can I hire chains and toboggans? A: We recommend the Erica Ski Hire in the main drag of Erica, they are open 7 days-a-week too. About 10cm of soft snow at the carpark, both toboggan runs open. PV office open. Food van open. Fitting chains to 2WD.

Mt St Gwinear 26-08-2016 à 08:08:47

12cm at the Carpark, 20cm on the upper trails. Great snow play and tobogganing. PV office open. A fabulous last weekend of winter awaits. Don't forget you'll need wheel chains, hire them and all your other snow gear from the Erica Ski Hire on your way.

Mt St Gwinear 25-08-2016 à 06:42:16

We've had a few issues with getting FB to work today, however here's some photos from earlier today at the carpark. About 7cm of snow! This should hold for the weekend so it looks like there will be some fun to be had on the last weekend of winter!

Mt St Gwinear 22-08-2016 à 00:29:16

Looks like we got some snow last night, about 5cm. A bit late for the weekend but hey it's here at last!

Mt St Gwinear 20-08-2016 à 00:19:03

Unfortunately, the "snow down to 1,000 metres" thing simply did not eventuate. Last night turned out to be crystal clear skies and 1,000s of stars! So no snow folks…not even a cracker. Sorry about that.

Mt St Gwinear 13-08-2016 à 01:44:18

2016 has turned out to be a very sad tale indeed. No snow at the carpark, Thin patchy snow of the upper levels of the trails. PV office is closed. Food van closed. Toboggan runs closed. Not happy. :-(

Mt St Gwinear 07-08-2016 à 00:37:40

Poor sightseeing. Both toboggan runs closed. Food Van closed…a bit of snow for poor skiing on upper trails…not good folks!

Mt St Gwinear 03-08-2016 à 00:43:01

About 4cm of snow in past 24 hours. Toboggan runs remain closed. PV office open. Patchy skiing only.

Mt St Gwinear 02-08-2016 à 01:46:58

Looks like we've had a bit of snow on the upper levels overnight, more is predicted today. We should have further information soon.