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Lake Mountain 20-12-2016 à 06:00:00

Great news wildflower enthusiasts! As our guided wildflower walks were a great success through November & December, we've decided to run 3 more to coincide with the Summer Adventure Activities! Wednesday's 28th Dec, 4th Jan & 11th Jan 2017 - meet at 10.30am at the Lake Mountain Cafe! Remember your walking shoes! More info here -

Lake Mountain 16-12-2016 à 01:46:33

So cute!

Lake Mountain 15-12-2016 à 23:34:33

Picture: A Birds Orchid found on the track at Lake Mountain by Mei Yew on Wednesday 14th December. Remember to keep sending in your pictures or tagging us online - we love seeing how you enjoy the mountain!

Lake Mountain 12-12-2016 à 07:00:00

A group from Alexandra Secondary College celebrating term 4 drawing to a close with our Adventure Activities and a BBQ lunch! Bring on the Summer Holidays!

Lake Mountain 09-12-2016 à 11:28:03

Just a reminder that the road up to Lake Mountain will be closed for periods of time tomorrow, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th December due to the Great Tarmac Rally.

Lake Mountain 08-12-2016 à 23:23:48

Summer Snow! A light dusting of snow this morning and temperatures currently sitting around 1 degree.

Lake Mountain 05-12-2016 à 04:04:50

Have you planned your Summer School Holidays? Check out our Summer Adventure Activities Program! Get out doors and adventurous!

Lake Mountain 02-12-2016 à 00:28:56

Here it is... as we promised! COMPETITION TIME! Like Visit Marysville's status and tag a friend you'd like to bring along on your weekend getaway!

Lake Mountain 01-12-2016 à 09:37:25

We've teamed up with Visit Marysville to bring you all something special! Stay tuned for more info!

Lake Mountain 29-11-2016 à 06:09:05

What is this strange feeling... *Looks at inside temperature* Oh its 32 degrees inside the office! And the warm weather continues into the week! Looks like we will get plenty sunshine and sit around the mid 20s - perfect for getting out on the trails, Wild flowers are still blooming!

Lake Mountain 18-10-2016 à 23:14:15

#SummerActivities Announced, Get #Adventurous this Summer - Lake Mountain #Schoolholidays #Kids Full details here

Lake Mountain 04-09-2016 à 01:04:04

Celebrate Fathers Day with FREE ENTRY to Lake Mountain!

Lake Mountain 03-09-2016 à 05:46:57

1 day left to have your say on Lake Mountain 2030 project! Visit the website to provide feedback on the future!

Lake Mountain 25-08-2016 à 05:21:07

RT @SNOWSEARCH_aus: #SNOWING in Lake Mountain Alpine Resort this morning!

Lake Mountain 20-08-2016 à 02:09:58

We have had a dusting of snow overnight, with more snow forecast over the coming week!

Lake Mountain 17-08-2016 à 06:50:39

We need your feedback on options for the future of Lake Mountain. Go online to provide your feedback

Lake Mountain 14-08-2016 à 03:11:53

RT @saleh_shebel: @lakemtn #Snow ☃

Lake Mountain 30-07-2016 à 11:49:01

RT @SNOWSEARCH_aus: Snowy adventures just 2hrs from Melbourne CBD!

Lake Mountain 28-07-2016 à 03:54:57

RT @JaneBunn: And the #snow just keeps on coming ... check out next week!: #janesweather #australia

Lake Mountain 22-07-2016 à 04:56:48

The road to #LakeMountain is closed due to dangerous winds. #vicweather #melbweather

Lake Mountain 16-07-2016 à 14:04:29

RT @wolfcat: The epitome of joy... #wolfcatcubs

Lake Mountain 15-07-2016 à 01:24:49

It's always great to see the grooming completed on so many trails! #SnowVic

Lake Mountain 14-07-2016 à 11:07:35

RT @SNOWSEARCH_aus: Lake Mountain Resort in Victoria looking absolutely stunning with its fresh coat of snow!

Lake Mountain 12-07-2016 à 23:49:43

The road will be closed to Lake Mountain for a period of time this morning while hazardous trees are removed from the road

Lake Mountain 12-07-2016 à 03:07:58

The road to Lake Mountain has been closed by @VictoriaPolice due to high and damaging winds.