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Montriond 02-07-2013 a las 19:58:45

Montriond 27-04-2013 a las 20:51:32

It snows again... :-)

Montriond 09-04-2013 a las 12:51:09

Oh, and by the way, winter's back!

Montriond 09-04-2013 a las 12:44:42

The last "band night"of the season at Bar La Barque tonight. The most excellent "Eugene Carton" are playing. See you there.

Montriond 21-03-2013 a las 23:10:08

Loads of snow, so when's the next dump? :-)

Montriond 21-03-2013 a las 23:04:50

Montriond 04-02-2013 a las 22:44:00

What's with the weather? It's a hard life in the mountains! Good slides to one and all...

Montriond 25-01-2013 a las 13:24:27

Montriond 18-12-2012 a las 12:24:21

Bar La Barque | Live Music Tonight (18th Dec) @ 6:30pm Les Pissalochons.

Montriond 26-11-2012 a las 15:20:57

Some serious snow is on it's way! Now where's my snorkel :-)

Montriond 08-06-2012 a las 19:23:37

Earlier this afternoon! Getting brighter though :-)

Montriond 08-06-2012 a las 16:23:08

Thought I saw some blue sky? Oh no my mistake! But the sky does look a bit brighter, might get some photo opportunities :-)

Montriond 08-06-2012 a las 15:50:23

I've just set SkiMontriond up on the iPad, so more mobile Tweeting to come, well from WiFi areas! Overcast and raining here in Montriond :-)

Montriond 07-06-2012 a las 20:07:22

Well, an account on Twitter. Now what shall I post?