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Dizin 30-01-2015 a las 03:17:19

Vogue asks if Tehran could be the next Aspen. http://t.co/PLnkDZ7jSk

Dizin 18-12-2014 a las 00:52:00

Skateboarding in Iran http://t.co/lWhIJeLZFf

Dizin 20-04-2014 a las 10:55:08

@Starma__ nice :)

Dizin 20-04-2014 a las 10:54:39

RT @Starma__: Check this out @Snowboard_Iran ! http://t.co/S3i5vAzdWH

Dizin 20-04-2014 a las 10:52:57

Reporting from Dizin: Iran's Culture Wars: Who's Winning These Days? http://t.co/t8Y5eaST1S

Dizin 04-11-2013 a las 13:21:33

Want to know more about snowboarding in Iran? Check out http://t.co/BghzcoWAPS

Dizin 11-06-2013 a las 23:50:22

Shahnameh: The Epic of the Persian Kings http://t.co/iR1inY2wFa

Dizin 12-03-2013 a las 16:32:39

@DxBingo where did you go?

Dizin 12-03-2013 a las 16:31:30

RT @DxBingo: Who would have know that @Snowboard_Iran is so #incredible. http://t.co/fCKOaA82

Dizin 02-01-2013 a las 15:54:18

Some photos from a Canadian guy who visits Dizin http://t.co/TH7ApDsH

Dizin 18-12-2012 a las 18:13:09

@ThomasErdbrink yes, dude?

Dizin 18-12-2012 a las 15:21:05

RT @azita2: Shahbanou Farah memories from Dizin Ski Resort and skiing with two champ...: http://t.co/PG5MneWP via @youtube

Dizin 18-12-2012 a las 15:18:02

@ThomasErdbrink @vattandoost if you like the mountains north of Tehran make sure you visit Dizin if u haven't already! http://t.co/Xiy4Rhfe

Dizin 18-12-2012 a las 15:16:53

RT @ThomasErdbrink: Great picture of snowy Alborz mountains and west Tehran by @vattandoost http://t.co/51gfijGv

Dizin 27-09-2012 a las 18:03:49

RT @HeavenAndMan: Dizin 2009 snowboard http://t.co/jRGzekDy via @weebly