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Campbell Icefield Chalet 27-12-2016 a las 03:06:06

Snowpack 160 ( settled from 180) Temperature max -13C and min -19C Fantastic light powder above treeline. Ski penetration 30cm+ Sunny AM, few clouds and flurries in PM. Stability Fair alpine, Fair treeline and Unobserved below treeline. All systems working beautifully. Snow expected tonight and tomorrow.

Campbell Icefield Chalet 21-12-2016 a las 02:35:40

December 20th and a crew are up at the lodge, in preparation for our quests. Building is now warm enough to be comfortable in a Tshirt. Snow depth at stake is 150 cm.; nice fluffy snow with firm base. Hydro system not yet in operation due to heavy ice build-up but they hope to have it going tomorrow.

Campbell Icefield Chalet 29-04-2016 a las 02:36:07

Thursday's been another super day of skiing!! Some went up the Bluewater, some up Paradise and The Saddle and others made it to the summit of Prior which is close to 11,000 feet. Snow tightened up overnight and stayed firm till noon today. No new snow. HS is now 155 cm. Max temp yesterday was +12C.

Campbell Icefield Chalet 28-04-2016 a las 02:16:49

Today was an incredible day of spring skiing!! Some went to the summit of East Peak, others were on the Bluewater Glacier and others skied the Ramp and Diamond Dust. It froze enough last night to firm up a good base; everyone had a good day and were back to the lodge by 2PM. Surprisingly stable; haven't spotted any movement/slides.

Campbell Icefield Chalet 27-04-2016 a las 02:10:49

Super day of spring skiing, after a good frost last night. Skied Paradise, Prior and The Saddle,. Max temp +10C.

Campbell Icefield Chalet 26-04-2016 a las 02:15:36

Good Day at Campbell though snow was not the greatest in some areas. Some people went up on the Dome, others to the Bluewater. Best skiing was touring in the trees. Stability is Good in mornings but Fair-Poor in afternoons. It barely froze overnight and max was +10C yesterday.

Campbell Icefield Chalet 25-04-2016 a las 02:54:41

Over last 24 hours minimum temp has been +2 C and max +12 C. Despite these warm temps, they found some really good skiing in the Xmas Tree Run. Other guests went up Paradise and Thunder Bowl but conditions were not as good. They've had a little rain/snow mix today and are hoping cooler temps will mean new snow. These snow conditions have not decreased enthusiasm and all are having a good time.

Campbell Icefield Chalet 24-04-2016 a las 02:21:54

Thirteen guests went up tot he lodge for the week. ..and 13 guests came out with smiling faces. They reported great skiing. It's a little difficult to process with temperatures in the 20s. Temperature at the lodge was +3C this morning. They had some really good skiing this afternoon on Paradise Bowl. Hoping for cooler temperatures.

Campbell Icefield Chalet 18-04-2016 a las 03:40:56

Good day of skiing today. Skied the Ramp, Dome, Gold Dust , Paradise Bowl and Diamond Dust . Sugar snow over a crust on Diamond Dust. Over last 24 hrs, min temp was -4C and max was +2C. No new snow, HS is 196 cm. Stability rated as Good, Good and Good.

Campbell Icefield Chalet 13-04-2016 a las 03:19:45

Wednesday morning weather stats for last 24 hrs. Min temp -2C and max +14C HS 203 cm. 1cm of new snow. Surface form crust and precipitation particles. Foot pen 0 Stability reported as Fair at alpine and Good below that.