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CMH Galena 13-12-2016 a las 18:42:49

Westfall river on Dec 8th, 2016. -20c but great skiing

CMH Galena 22-11-2016 a las 22:07:11

Time to get your skis shined up! Here is a little teaser... Filmed last winter by one of our wonderful guests, Jason!

CMH Galena 22-11-2016 a las 21:06:46

Donny the Viking Yeti doing the no pants snow dance!

CMH Galena 23-06-2016 a las 23:05:17

Summer fun in Galena. Checking out some of our runs in the summer time.

CMH Galena 18-06-2016 a las 20:56:34

People sometimes loose their skis while heli skiing. We look for, and usually find most of them. But not all are found and we don't go look for them in the summer due to the cost of flying into most of the runs and the brush/overgrowth under the snow will often hide treasures. Well today we were on a run and found this beauty. 205cm Fischer Super SL. I could not imagine heli-skiing on this ski but we all did at one point in time ski on skis like this #hardcore #fischerskis #salomon @tanyaotis @jooles #cmh #cmhheli #cmhgalena

CMH Galena 17-04-2016 a las 16:31:46

Winter 2016 is a wrap. What a great season it was, tons of great skiing from start to finish. Big thanks to all the hard working, dedicated and whacky staff that make this place tick. See you next year Mike

CMH Galena 15-04-2016 a las 06:24:53

CMH Galena 15-04-2016 a las 03:28:13

Got to ski the iconic alpine run "Sluggo" today. Quite a line..

CMH Galena 29-03-2016 a las 00:12:26

So deep.

CMH Galena 23-03-2016 a las 18:56:29

Skiing Magazine writer Crystal Sagan enjoying some Galena pow.