Skitude Timed routes

Multiple timed routes for hiking, trail running, biking or ski mountaineering are now available in the Skitude platform. These virtually signposted routes will allow you to compare your performance with that of the rest of participants, obtain your personal statistics as well as audio guidance.
How does it work?

Record your route and obtain your statistics

The system is especially designed to be used in the mountains. It calculates many useful parameters as the distance, time, speeds, drop/climb, etc.

Audio guidance

Activate the audio guidance and get instructions and regular updates on your progress without having to remove your mobile phone from your pocket.


Your performance will be stored in your My Skitude profile, allowing you to enter the rankings and to compare yourself with other users.

Virtual competitions

Some of the routes are related to a challenge that reward the best performances with prizes.

Oflline use

The system is based on your device's GPS, and works even without an internet connection. Once you complete the route, it will be stored in your mobile device and be synchronized when you are back online.