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Wiegele 29-12-2016 at 22:00:01

Faceshots appear to be something of the norm this week. An outstanding faceshot capture!

Wiegele 28-12-2016 at 22:59:08

This week we are enjoying the ULTIMATE conditions for tree skiing, in the Cariboo Mountains!

Wiegele 28-12-2016 at 01:38:08

Senior Lead Guide Bob Rankin carving the powder at the Grizzly Hut, in the Monashee Mountains.

Wiegele 25-12-2016 at 18:27:00

Wishing everyone a very #MerryChristmas & a #powder filled holiday season #wiegelepowder #heliskiing https://t.co/2CTnEqGppl

Wiegele 25-12-2016 at 18:13:01

RT @Angreal99: @MikeWiegeleHeli future heli guide! https://t.co/HSnniFypjH

Wiegele 24-12-2016 at 19:53:55

This is what 107cm of snowfall in 7 days looks like! Highlights from Tour 603 - December 17-24. Check out more photos from this week at : http://www.wiegele.com/heliski-weekly-photo-gallery.htm

Wiegele 23-12-2016 at 23:04:39

It has been a deep week to say the least, and it is still coming down. Asking for a snorkel this Christmas might come in handy.

Wiegele 23-12-2016 at 16:26:33

RT @PaddleSurfit1: Thanks @mikewiegeleheli for your continued support of @sunpeaksresort Off Piste Camps! @ Sun… https://t.co/o7EYwL5ptO

Wiegele 22-12-2016 at 22:00:00

We caught up with Santa who was spotted near Blue River getting some turns in before the big night.

Wiegele 21-12-2016 at 22:00:00

Wiegele World has the best tree skiing terrain in the world. The very highest quality of snow is found in the trees as the loose powder is protected from wind & sun.

Wiegele 21-12-2016 at 00:51:30

Tis the season to be skiing! Even Santa made his way to Blue River for some POW!

Wiegele 20-12-2016 at 21:21:37

Kickstart your fitness regime after the holidays, with our 4th Annual Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing Health & Wellness week.

Wiegele 20-12-2016 at 18:19:55

Welcome to Powderland! #Winter storm dumps up to 1m of #SNOW! Powder Report UPDATE https://t.co/6vaQwqnNuP via @YouTube

Wiegele 20-12-2016 at 04:58:34

The epic storm we were expecting was BIG. Senior Lead Guide Bob Rankin reports on today's conditions: "It's gonna be a deep day!" https://youtu.be/4pVvhnTPvE8

Wiegele 19-12-2016 at 20:56:07

Great #skiing conditions! Check out our December 19 Snow Report #heliskiing https://t.co/XUKLhAOfJG via @YouTube

Wiegele 16-12-2016 at 16:38:47

RT @nicoleburkeAD: Heli skiing 10 years ago for @RealKiefer birthday #tbt best ski trip ever @MikeWiegeleHeli https://t.co/kcK4GDmAv6

Wiegele 13-12-2016 at 19:22:27

Beautiful champagne #WiegelePowder with an epic #sundog #PowderDreams #heliskiing #explorebc @certainimages https://t.co/LU2tWtpeLH

Wiegele 10-12-2016 at 00:17:49

Fabulous conditions this week! Check out our Weather & Snow Report https://t.co/z5He6waefB

Wiegele 08-12-2016 at 00:01:31

Amazing views this week from the Cariboo Mountains #WiegelePowder #ExploreBC #Heliskiing #Skiing @certainimages Pho… https://t.co/CThZBsBXKN

Wiegele 06-12-2016 at 23:03:17

RT @Heliski_Canada: Dreaming of our trip at @MikeWiegeleHeli #heliskiing #heliski #heliboarding

Wiegele 05-12-2016 at 22:46:39

#Winter2016 is here in #BlueRiver & the #Powder is fantastic! @Lukelaurin photo #skiBC #heliskiing… https://t.co/nUJA51osur

Wiegele 05-12-2016 at 22:43:36

RT @PaddleSurfit1: An amazing week of guides training at @mikewiegeleheli photo Luke Lauren Certain Images @ Mike… https://t.co/kscJJikHip

Wiegele 05-12-2016 at 18:47:09

#WeAreSkiing EPIC #PowderShot from our opening weekend! Photo by @Lukelaurin #WiegelePowder #HeliSkiing… https://t.co/F9RfcN0kjA

Wiegele 03-12-2016 at 00:56:14

Opening day is tomorrow, Dec 3, at 10am! #Winter2016 is here & our #Powder is fantastic!!! https://t.co/5NYU8F5YMa

Wiegele 30-11-2016 at 02:27:51

#Legendary #MikeWiegele carves the 1st #WieglePowder ski tracks today! Bring on #winter2016!!! https://t.co/mrSJtiKjeV