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Tukino 24-12-2016 at 04:53:47

Family time!

Tukino 16-12-2016 at 02:59:46

Tukino 25-10-2016 at 05:46:02

Tukino 07-10-2016 at 08:22:06

Tukino 28-09-2016 at 03:09:48

The end of another wonderful season at Tukino where the sun shines first. A huge thank you to all the wonderful people; customers, clubies, staff and volunteers, who make Tukino such an amazing place. Looking forward to seeing you all back again for the 2017 season :-)

Tukino 26-09-2016 at 20:40:15

Thanks for the photo Eric Raven. This sums us up.

Tukino 20-09-2016 at 20:10:23

Our South American friends had plenty of fun on the snow!

Tukino 19-09-2016 at 11:13:06

Making the most of the fast disappearing snow.

Tukino 13-09-2016 at 07:12:10

It took a bit of probing to find it...then a bit of digging but the portable tow was alive yesterday for a spectacular day! Sophie Hansen and Hector Griffin (both age 8) skiing and riding Terry's Terror for the first time!

Tukino 13-09-2016 at 03:40:42

Great day yesterday!