Offline GPS Tracker for outdoor activities

On a map GPS tracking without internet connection requested.

Elevation Correction

For better accuracy, we determine exact elevation registered by consulting various databases such as NASA.

Statistics and Activity History

Get distance, time, speed, elevations, etc., which can be filtered by activity, day and place.

Mapped Photo Gallery

Relive your favorite moments with your photos and place them on the map, so you can always remember where they were taken.

Global and Area Rankings

Automatically generated rankings of a recorded activity, sorted by geographical area and by the following categories: distance, accumulated elevation, days of activity, best time, etc.

Challenges and Prizes

Participate in challenges, compete with other users and win prizes with your activity.

Locate Your Contacts

Create your network of contacts and locate friends and family on a map.


Check out the real-time activity of the mountain community by viewing their latest photos, tracks, statistics, etc.

Share Your Achievements

Share your experiences and achievements on Facebook, Twitter, and others.

And More...

Discover the different apps and you'll find more features.