• Can I register my activity if I don't have a mobile phone network or an Internet connection? Open or Close

    Of course! One of the great advantages of the Skitude Apps is that it is possible to record your outdoor activity simply by having the GPS (localization) turned on. The apps store this information on your mobile device until you are reconnected to your network, at which time, the data is transferred to your account in the cloud.

  • How can I get a good GPS signal? Open or Close

    Open your smartphone settings and check that the GPS function is enabled. It is also recommended to activate the “high precision” mode if your phone has it. Secondly, be sure to start the activity from a spot where you can see open skies and where you are unobstructed from buildings, trees, etc. If the problem persists, you may have to check or adjust the device's GPS function.

  • Will I lose all my information if I delete the application? Open or Close

    No. All recorded activity is stored in your “My Skitude” profile in the cloud and remains linked to your user account. Therefore, your data does not disappear, even if you delete the application.

  • If I install the app on another mobile device, can I recover all my history? Open or Close

    Yes. Whenever you install a new Skitude application, and login with your user account, you will recover all your profile history since it is stored in the cloud.

  • Can I edit activity detail? Open or Close

    Yes. Once an activity has been saved, it can be edited later by doing the following: open your activities section, then touch your phone's drop-down menu (icon with the “three dots”) and select “Edit”. You can edit names and change the type of activity in case it is mislabeled.

  • What are challenges? How can I participate in them? Open or Close

    Challenges are competitions and temporary contests offered within the application in which you can compare yourself with other users, and win sponsor prizes. Participation is always free.

  • How can I participate in the challenges? Open or Close

    Open the app and check that you are logged into your “My Skitude” account. Participating in challenges is very easy: 1) Select the challenges section, 2) Choose the challenge you prefer, 3) Read the participation conditions, 4) Accept by touching the “join” button. From that moment on, all the stats you register through the app will count toward that challenge.

  • How do rankings work? Open or Close

    The rankings are classifications that are automatically generated based upon your statistics (distance, vertical drop, etc.), separated into time blocks (entire seasons, for example), and by activity (alpine skiing, snowboarding, cycling, etc.), and location (resort ranking, for example).

  • Is there any type of verification of the rankings? Open or Close

    Yes. Although the GPS tracker for each user may register any type of activity freely, to guarantee reliability and confidence in the ranking system, Skitude uses various algorithms to detect data anomalies that do not correspond to the places or the types of sport activity indicated. These abnormal activities are put on hold for verification for a certain amount of time. If they are not validated in the end, their related statistics do not count toward the rankings in question.

  • What is the difference between the rankings and the challenges? Open or Close

    Unlike the challenges, entering the list of rankings or general classification is automatic when you record your stats within the Skitude platform. Only in the case of rankings associated with a specific challenge, is it necessary to have “accepted” to participate in the challenge in question and to appear in its rankings. Furthermore, it is important to bear in mind that to have the ability to choose to win a particular sponsor prize, it is not enough to simply appear in the general rankings. You must be specifically enrolled in the prize-related challenge.

  • What are timed runs? Open or Close

    Timed runs are competitions similar to challenges but associated with a particular run or segment, where the goal is to traverse a specific section in as little time as possible. For security reasons, Skitude only offers timed runs linked to activities where speed does not present a significant danger, as for example, in the case of ski mountaineering on an uphill section, running, hiking etc. In this respect, certain activities, such as downhill skiing, are excluded for obvious reasons.

  • What is and how do I use the Radar Graph? Open or Close

    The activity pentagon that one finds in the user profile section of every app is a very visual way of demonstrating, according to the type of activity, the principal strong points that characterize each of us. To consult it, you just need to access your “My Skitude” profil in the app and jump to the main summary of activity that appears below your avatar.

Thank you very much. For any further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us