Downhill Challenge

Sponsored by Skitude

When and where

From 25/11/2021 to 10/04/2022


Record the most kilometers downhill in one day




If you're the sort of person who likes to get the most out of a day's worth of skiing, this is the challenge for you. If you ski the most kilometres downhill in one day, you'll win a POC helmet worth €180.


How does it work? It’s pretty simple!

1. Record your days of skiing with the app's GPS tracker

2. The winner will be announced through Skitude’s usual channels, email, Facebook and Twitter.


Automatic enrollment

POC is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.

* The final prize model will depend on availability and with a maximum value of 200 euros.

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1Current leaderfedewax190,7 km
2MartinWW152,9 km
3Patxixgrngl147,9 km
4filipmarkie141,4 km
5lippo72134,3 km
6Damiantico124,1 km
7Damiantico122,7 km
8Tigershark115,9 km
9Pathdj115,7 km
10Victor_L_Gazo113,0 km
11Karstenb113,0 km
12Victor_L_Gazo112,2 km
13Pathdj111,9 km
14Jeromeugene111,7 km
15Victor_L_Gazo110,9 km
16Pathdj109,9 km
17Pathdj108,9 km
18Victor_L_Gazo108,3 km
19rraces107,4 km
20Victor_L_Gazo107,3 km
21Victor_L_Gazo107,1 km
22Pathdj106,8 km
23Pathdj106,6 km
24Victor_L_Gazo106,6 km
25Pathdj106,4 km
26John_J_Rambo106,2 km
27Pathdj106,2 km
28Victor_L_Gazo105,6 km
29Victor_L_Gazo104,9 km
30Victor_L_Gazo104,5 km
31Piotrqwaqas104,4 km
32Pathdj104,3 km
33Tigershark104,1 km
34Victor_L_Gazo104,0 km
35lippo72103,5 km
36Victor_L_Gazo103,3 km
37Nucosu103,2 km
38Victor_L_Gazo102,7 km
39Victor_L_Gazo102,6 km
40Gvalp101,7 km
41Rainmannen101,7 km
42rego64101,6 km
43pascal7404100,5 km
44polarvibes100,0 km
45Victor_L_Gazo99,8 km
46Victor_L_Gazo99,7 km
47Victor_L_Gazo99,7 km
48Demelio99,6 km
49Pathdj99,3 km
50Victor_L_Gazo99,3 km