Masella Challenge

Sponsored by Masella

When and where

From 03/12/2021 to 28/02/2022


Track one ski day and be entered into the drawing!


Ski passes for the 2021/22 season


Do you like the idea of winning passes to ski at Masella this season? It’s as easy as tracking one ski day with the app’s GPS Tracker. Everyone who does will be entered into a drawing for a day ski pass and a night ski pass for the 2021/22 season at Masella.

Piece of cake, right? Fire up the tracker and start tracking your runs now. ⛷

How does it work? It’s pretty simple!

1. Record all your ski days of the season with the GPS Tracker.

2. The winner will be announced through Skitude’s usual channels.

* We will announce the winners on March 1st, and they will have until the end of the season to enjoy the prize.


By agreeing to participate in this challenge, you agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy.

1Current leaderRoger_Ballus18 Days
2xavi0916 Days
3Vicmoto15 Days
4superpippo14 Days
5SnowBikeNature12 Days
6jmartinezmiralles11 Days
7Axurrupa11 Days
8rubenjuan11 Days
9malgarra11 Days
10Dj_Ismael_Garcia10 Days
11HectorMora10 Days
12Gemmeta10 Days
13felixpuncer9 Days
14joanbanusroca9 Days
15vinyloco9 Days
16BertaBB8 Days
17cancandrew8 Days
18ofabregas7 Days
19Ricard Fontan7 Days
20SRB2227 Days
21cueto6 Days
23Aixerit5 Days
24andreubg625 Days
25Mjodarh5 Days
26JOGALA5 Days
28Jordipm4 Days
29Alejandravalles4 Days
30Marc19774 Days
31Elsexy4 Days
32Miquelet24 Days
33UMA6664 Days
34PAUPEE4 Days
35llopTronat4 Days
36IvanIb4 Days
37alaznar4 Days
38Daviddp684 Days
39joju4 Days
40Montse19804 Days
41xevigti4 Days
42sergi serra4 Days
43Manu2501094 Days
45jc764 Days
46Tiburon3 Days
47Lidia863 Days
48siulla3 Days
49Jeloi3 Days
50urivalle3 Days