Esquiador Goodyear

Sponsored by Goodyear

When and where

From 29/11/2019 to 14/03/2020


Record the maximum kilometers in one day!


Season 2020/21 Tickets + a set of Goodyear Vector 4Seasons


The Prizes:

1. Winner: A 10-day pass for the 2020/21 season + a set of Goodyear Vector 4Seasons*.

2. Runner-up: A 5-day pass for the 2020/21 season.

3. 3rd place: A 2-day pass for the 2020/21 season.

4. A prize draw for a 5-day pass for the 2020/21 season among all participants in the challenge.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple!

1. Join the challenge.

2. Record all your ski days of the season in Aramón with the GPS Tracker.

3. The winner will be announced through Skitude’s usual channels, email, Facebook and Twitter.


  • Winners will have a period of 15 days to communicate the size of their tyres after being notified that they have won. Otherwise the prize will be lost.
  • The tyres must be collected at an official GoodYear workshop prior to 30 November 2020. If they are not collected before 30 November 2020 the prize will be lost.
  • The tyres must be installed at the same workshop where they are collected. The cost of removing the old tyres and installing the new ones shall be borne by the winner.
  • The decision to install and use the tyres is exclusively the winner’s, so ARAMÓN is not liable for any defects, damage or harm that could eventually occur as a result of the installation, removal or use of the tyres.
  • The winner will have 15 days to communicate the tires' size to Aramón once he has been notified. The tires will have to be mounted at the same garage where they're picked up. The total placing cost will be charged to the winner.
  • The same user can not win more than one challenge promoted by Aramón during the 2019/20 season. 

By agreeing to participate in this challenge, you agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy.

1Current leaderAlvaro1965193,4 km
2Victor_L_Gazo192,3 km
3Alvaro1965189,7 km
4Campos_89188,5 km
5Victor_L_Gazo183,8 km
6Victor_L_Gazo183,3 km
7Alvaro1965181,1 km
8Alvaro1965179,5 km
9Victor_L_Gazo174,2 km
10Victor_L_Gazo167,9 km
11Victor_L_Gazo167,6 km
12Victor_L_Gazo166,7 km
13Victor_L_Gazo166,3 km
14Alvaro1965164,9 km
15Alvaro1965164,8 km
16Victor_L_Gazo163,0 km
17Victor_L_Gazo162,4 km
18Victor_L_Gazo162,1 km
19Alvaro1965161,3 km
20Victor_L_Gazo161,2 km
21Victor_L_Gazo160,2 km
22Victor_L_Gazo160,0 km
23Celtarra19159,9 km
24Victor_L_Gazo159,3 km
25Victor_L_Gazo159,1 km
26Alvaro1965157,1 km
27Victor_L_Gazo156,8 km
28Victor_L_Gazo156,5 km
29Victor_L_Gazo153,9 km
30Victor_L_Gazo153,5 km
31Victor_L_Gazo152,1 km
32Alvaro1965149,8 km
33Alvaro1965149,0 km
34Victor_L_Gazo148,8 km
35Victor_L_Gazo148,3 km
36Alvaro1965147,1 km
37carras18146,3 km
38Alvaro1965142,7 km
39Alvaro1965142,4 km
40Alvaro1965141,9 km
41Alvaro1965141,6 km
42Alvaro1965141,0 km
43Alvaro1965139,7 km
44Alvaro1965139,5 km
45Alvaro1965138,6 km
46Alvaro1965137,5 km
47Alvaro1965137,3 km
48Victor_L_Gazo137,2 km
49Victor_L_Gazo137,0 km
50Alvaro1965136,7 km