Skioo Challenge

Sponsored by Skioo

When and where

From 10/02/2021 to 11/04/2021


Track at least 21 km in a day!


A Skioo Pass with €100 ski credit valid for Skioo's partner resorts.


Skioo rewards your faithfulness!

Take advantage of your visits at the ski resorts to record all your slopes with the app’s GPS Tracker.

This Skioo competition will challenge you to register your own half-marathon, at least 21 km in a day. Are you capable?

All the participants who manage to finish the contest, will enter into 1 raffle of a Skioo Pass with €100 ski credit on it valid for any of Skioo's partner resorts.

Get ready and come participate now!

How does it work? It’s pretty simple!

1. Join the challenge.

2. Record your ski days with the GPS Tracker

3. The winner will be announced through Skitude’s usual channels, email, Facebook and Twitter.


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1Current leaderzychu29,9 km
2zychu41,9 km
3zychu59,3 km
4mario5556,9 km
5ago5756,5 km
6Uroc57,8 km
7Billyx25,5 km
8Billyx35,5 km
9Guti-hcap74,4 km
10mario5538,7 km
11luganomi43,7 km
12poldo1853,2 km
13Uroc73,0 km
14poldo1847,3 km
15zychu42,3 km
16Damiantico52,1 km
17poldo1837,6 km
18poldo1840,6 km
19Andiski45,0 km
20Billyx46,3 km
21Guti-hcap36,9 km
22Matita40,0 km
23mario5562,0 km
24Uroc49,3 km
25ago5764,5 km
26Billyx30,6 km
27poldo1860,1 km
28poldo1877,2 km
2913Ago1387,8 km
30ago5748,2 km
31mario5549,1 km
32poldo1891,1 km
33christopherF79,5 km
34ago5742,6 km
35poldo1861,3 km
36Stigutz31,2 km
37bigMike24,3 km
38beachman7465,0 km
39poldo1838,4 km
40luganomi21,4 km
41ago5778,4 km
42Beachman54,1 km
43Uroc69,7 km
44poldo1844,7 km
45zychu51,8 km
46Guti-hcap87,2 km
47ago5760,2 km
48Dsnow25,0 km
49Uroc58,0 km
50poldo1876,2 km