Skitude Marathon Challenge

Sponsored by Skitude

When and where

From 25/11/2021 to 10/04/2022


Track more than 42 km in one day.


Burton [ak] GORE‑TEX Cyclic Jacket


Do you want to win a Burton ski jacket?


If you’re going to be putting in lots of time on the slopes, you’ll need some good gear. 

We’re challenging you to log your own ski/snowboard marathon in one day. Open the tracker first thing in the morning and don’t stop until your legs are on fire.

What’s the prize? Everyone who completes the milestone will be entered into a drawing for a Burton jacket.

So, are you ready to log your own marathon? Show us you can do it!


How does it work? It’s pretty simple!

1. Track more than 42 km in one day with the GPS Tracker

2. The winners will be announced through Skitude’s usual channels.


Automatic enrollment

Burton is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.

* The final prize model will depend on availability and with a maximum value of 400 euros.

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1Current leaderKapp61,1 km
2Rkisme46,6 km
3BBrown70,4 km
4liv449,0 km
5pow950,7 km
6kylestockil58,2 km
7cerish60,3 km
8Dolin43,7 km
9ZCIJACK99,2 km
10ali_the_prince50,6 km
11AltaTodd70,6 km
12Michelbr139,8 km
13vinyloco78,3 km
14lbiagioni45,6 km
15slalom12358,9 km
16acremades47,2 km
17Josep_Maria73,9 km
18Busajamala54,7 km
19SOULSKI145,3 km
20Jontxu1048,4 km
21felixmoro54,8 km
22Angytes54,5 km
23AlbertoCNalda57,2 km
24nicolas2pelayo46,8 km
25boostaboosh77,9 km
26gironda60,2 km
27oliveroliver57,4 km
28KIKEPARTE65,4 km
29tete6712348965,3 km
30dudu98157,0 km
31alfettta64,3 km
32torra60,6 km
33Ciuciu5966,8 km
34MSEG48,3 km
35justSnow67,3 km
36cuervocav44,7 km
37Jarco43,0 km
38SnabbaSnyggaSvangar42,9 km
39MartinCZ125,3 km
40-erik-50,1 km
41alevini46,6 km
42goyito6643,7 km
43Joan6053,5 km
44Garythebear70,7 km
45Sauraa45,5 km
46FredrikSolberg46,3 km
47Bnjivan46,2 km
48Pauleliott60,6 km
49calela100078,8 km
50Canillenca44,0 km