January’s Challenge

Sponsored by Skitude

When and where

From 01/01/2023 to 31/01/2023


Track 3 days of activity during January


Your favorite ski boots


3 days in the mountains is a dream for many of us during the month of January! Show us your January winter activities.


What do you have to do?

Record 3 days of any snow activity in the month of January. You can record the days consecutively or not, the only rule is to record a minimum of 5 km on each track to count the day of activity.

A winner will be randomly selected from among all the qualifiers.


What will you win?

It's time to renew your ski boots! If you win, you can choose your favorite boots from Decathlon for a maximum price of €400.

Sounds easy, right? Turn on the tracker now and start recording your activities today!


- This challenge is auto-enrolled -

Once the challenge is over, the winner will be announced on Skitude's communication channels (email and social networks).

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1Current leaderMichelbr31 Days
2Alain3011195430 Days
3Sauraa28 Days
4MartinCZ28 Days
5Mandyzape27 Days
6Alvaro196527 Days
7Magdasnow26 Days
8Jmania25 Days
9pow924 Days
10aeroxrober1023 Days
11uhlmon23 Days
12coco-rush23 Days
13manguitas23 Days
14victorbigode22 Days
15BenM22 Days
16Zoffer22 Days
17elPiko22 Days
18miclav21 Days
19vidav21 Days
20Pepituu21 Days
21Speedy9921 Days
22Jessicav21 Days
23Michielr20 Days
24Rui_Carlos_920 Days
25joaoteixeira090720 Days
26bd109420 Days
27wahly20 Days
28GlennRobinson20 Days
29JaimePascual20 Days
30Mcfly8820 Days
31davefortin19 Days
32ROE150519 Days
33AndyJ19 Days
34MattiaMeleleo19 Days
35Nurs1419 Days
36RickardRyen19 Days
37gonsito18 Days
38kiss18 Days
39Daisy779118 Days
40Dacblx18 Days
41JORONDO18 Days
42csanta18 Days
44Creus18 Days
45JandroDJCoLors18 Days
46Luciandelima18 Days
47SeanBritt18 Days
48glophone17 Days
49Leanne8217 Days
50durand6617 Days