Outdoor Explorer Challenge

Sponsored by Skitude

When and where

From 19/06/2020 to 31/10/2020


Track at least 5 days with outdoor activity.


a GoPro® HERO7 Black™


Are you a real Outdoor Explorer? Then prove it by tracking all your outdoor activities: mountain biking, hiking, trail running, etc.

Among all those who have at least 5 days* with outdoor activity, we will aleatory choose the winner of a GoPro® HERO7 Black™!

How does it work? It’s pretty simple!

1. Join the challenge.

2. Save all your outdoor activities with the GPS Tracker.

3. The winner will be announced through Skitude’s usual channels, email, Facebook and Twitter.

* So that your day of activity counts for the challenge you will have to register more than 5 km of distance. 
GoPro, HERO, and their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of GoPro, Inc. GoPro is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.
By agreeing to participate in this challenge, you agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.

1Current leaderMariete_Bo5 Days
2Eloyhern6 Days
3santipm6 Days
4cris796 Days
5Pathdj6 Days
6edu272021 Days
7MERCE7 Days
8eavila5 Days
9OSCAL9 Days
10ccorcoy7 Days
11repier7 Days
12bruxelinho16 Days
13robgarr8 Days
14oier1018 Days
15lilian336 Days
16Panatta6 Days
17tendre9 Days
18Dacblx29 Days
19Omella198311 Days
20moniato9 Days
21Tlmorell6 Days
22NickStar8 Days
23jebu19 Days
24MiquelGenis6 Days
25skibum50plus22 Days
26HugoBourdonet6 Days
27sergiguru8 Days
28stefanstaeger7 Days
29ivan sanz tusell6 Days
30RUDI35 Days
31mbigas46 Days
32HankRadt13 Days
33ferrbatis8 Days
34AntonioJBenitez5 Days
35salvaxivert6 Days
36Ballibar10 Days
37verolima1420 Days
38dodo662008 Days
39lauri1185 Days
40Agustibarbera11 Days
41quentinbley5 Days
42perecato28 Days
43noemielps6 Days
44davidcflix15 Days
45IgnasiM7 Days
46patufet27 Days
47serg19757 Days
48Grgi7 Days
49miguel317015 Days
50Vi_to9 Days