Espace San Bernardo Challenge

Sponsored by Espace San Bernardo

When and where

From 10/12/2021 to 21/03/2022


Track as many ski days as you can!


Ski passes for the 2022/23 season and more!


Would you like to win your one-day ski pass for the 2022-23 winter season? Then track your days on the slopes and accumulate as many ski days as you can throughout the season using the app’s GPS tracker.
  • The top 5 people who record the highest number of ski days will win a fantastic one-day ski pass for the next season.
  • Top 6 and top 7 will receive a skating rink ticket (one for each)
  • Top 8 and top 9 will receive cinema tickets (one for each)
  • Top 10 will receive a pack of goodies
Easy, isn’t it? Go for it! Take part in the challenge!
How does it work? It’s pretty simple!
1. Join the challenge.
2. Record all your ski days of the season in Espace San Bernardo with the GPS Tracker.
3. The winners will be announced through Skitude’s usual channels.
By agreeing to participate in this challenge, you agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy.
1Current leaderticoalb1 Day
2Giii891 Day
3Princesse1 Day
4alicerolland1 Day
5mariquitasofa1 Day
6Julien351 Day
7Ruslan741 Day
8catcatmeow1 Day
9Arnus1 Day
10Marincgd1 Day
11miclav1 Day
12TV801 Day
13cyprienboisset1 Day
14Dudeman1 Day
15PakoMalo652401 Day
16mlach1 Day
17emilie-potier1 Day
18Francois348001 Day
19ovallod1 Day
20floriandailly1 Day
21ju_debris1 Day
22julia421 Day
23tiphaineba1 Day
24Gnarks1 Day
25Princesse1 Day
26amaurycharon1 Day
27matdail1 Day
28Julien351 Day
30catherine691 Day
31Baryshnikov1 Day
32Mattia991 Day
33miclav1 Day
34Thomas De Carrière1 Day
35deKerstvrouw1 Day
36ElioLeDozo1 Day
37PakoMalo652401 Day
38nastia751 Day
39emilie-potier1 Day
40Francois348001 Day
41pisaits1 Day
42gdebrassier1 Day
43guillaume11 Day
44roro781001 Day
45kam131 Day
46vanende1 Day
47Grasmaxo1 Day
48Ricka731 Day
49arnaudgury1 Day
50matdail1 Day