Skitude Premium Challenge

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When and where

From 01/01/2021 to 31/01/2021


Track as much as you can throughout the month of January


Annual Skitude Premium subscription


At Skitude we have developed the most pro version for your “My Skitude” profile, so you can take your skiing to the next level. Want to find out how?

With Skitude Premium you can:

  • Discover all the points of interest at the mountain in 3D
  • Analyse and share your tracks in 3D
  • Get more statistics than ever, segmenting your runs and excluding all the information from going uplift
  • Analyse your speed with heat maps
  • Synchronize your account with your Apple Watch


  • The user who logs the most distance will win a free subscription to Skitude Premium for one year*
  • Five winners of a 1-month Skitude Premium subscription will be randomly selected from all challenge participants.

 How does it work? It’s pretty simple!

1. Join the challenge.

2. Record all your ski days of the season with the GPS Tracker

3. The winner will be announced through Skitude’s usual channels, email, Facebook and Twitter.


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1Current leaderMichelbr2.018 km
2vinyloco1.149 km
3esquiador10968,3 km
4MartinSurpre938,6 km
5Zoffer888,5 km
6Klinger833,3 km
7Dieter85814,0 km
8jules305771,9 km
9Jeromeugene716,8 km
10elPiko707,5 km
11Cliffskioff648,7 km
12EldeSonora613,7 km
13Rindog594,9 km
14Zazzetti505,2 km
15Luutejero480,3 km
16bigbt476,2 km
17MontseMasde468,8 km
18Vicmoto460,8 km
19CarmenPhoto414,2 km
20mjsauerwald412,8 km
21rwri403,5 km
22martincaleau403,0 km
23Pocaron402,9 km
24Turbotim401,6 km
25wilsc401,4 km
26malakas398,1 km
27melizzyt397,6 km
28KateTheGreat394,1 km
29crisdlvega381,5 km
30ZCIJACK375,1 km
31saballs4372,6 km
32JORONDO356,6 km
33Tresked352,0 km
34MathildePuech348,9 km
35Nacho_barco347,9 km
36annaboff341,1 km
37BertaBB337,7 km
38xavi09334,9 km
39JaimePascual334,2 km
40mnannt327,3 km
41Roger_Ballus326,2 km
42feeldaflow325,1 km
43Pere Torras323,9 km
44uriel322,9 km
45Mandyzape314,9 km
46Reinmeister312,1 km
47adriasolertrainer306,9 km
48DiamondDave297,5 km
49juankic295,1 km
50Brayden_1076294,7 km