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Mustang Powder 30-12-2016 a les 06:10:32

We're still getting dumped on with another 28cm today (on top of the 86cm in 48h) and still counting. With the risk of sounding like snow snobs, it can be challenging to find continuous vertical and steep enough runs after storms like these. This is what "Boris" looks like when you don't have waist deep snow in your face! #MustPOW

Mustang Powder 28-12-2016 a les 01:16:08

The past 24h delivered 56cm of fresh! We've got one seat open for our Jan. 3-5 trip in the Steep Chutes program - jump on it and bring your snorkel. Email to book! [SOLD] #MustPOW | PC: Greg Clarke

Mustang Powder 25-12-2016 a les 06:41:47

A big merry, merry Christmas from all of us at Mustang!

Mustang Powder 19-12-2016 a les 07:27:30

Tatum Monod shredding the champange pow we received last night. With another 10 cm's during the day and 20 in the forecast for tonight, tomorrow is going to be one of those days dreams are made of!!!! Oakley Red Bull The North Face Rossignol Monod Sports, LTD Thanks for the Photo Daniel Rönnbäck Photography

Mustang Powder 18-12-2016 a les 06:26:40

Super stoked to have another bunch of amazing pro's at the lodge, ripping and back flipping it up this week! Cats, sleds and skis! There is still lots of fresh snow out there, along with beautiful sunrises and blue bird days! Big thanks to Armada Skis, Oakley, Sammy Carlson, Corey Stanton, Tatum Monod and Outside Television. Another big thanks to Daniel Rönnbäck Photography for these shots! You guys rock!

Mustang Powder 18-12-2016 a les 02:45:44

The crew from Oakley and Armada Skis are trying out Grassroots Powdersurfing boards in between shots at Mustang Powder this week! We are more then stoked to have them here! Photo by: Daniel Rönnbäck Photography

Mustang Powder 17-12-2016 a les 06:00:22

All the staff at Mustang were thrilled to have the Warren Miller film crew at the lodge this past week. They were filming a segment for their upcoming ski movie which will be on screens in the autumn of 2017. The crew were a bunch of Powder Surfers from Utah: Jeremy Jensen, Scotty Arnold, Ian and Neil Provo. There were no bindings on their boards – see photos for an idea of how the boards looked. All were handmade by Jeremy, a pioneer and leading proponent of this No-boarding concept. Veteran photographer/cameraman Chris Patterson was in charge of the crew – a consummate professional in every way – very impressive. JP McCarthy was the Mustang guide who took care of the crew for the week. He was thrilled to be involved in such an iconic part of the ski culture in North America. For many keen skiers it is a year ritual to make an evening of the new Warren Miller movie……………so to be part of it was a great honour to JP, Owen Kjarsgaard and everyone up at Mustang.

Mustang Powder 16-12-2016 a les 19:59:36

That's a wrap! A couple of days ago, the Warren Miller Entertainment crew finished up an unreal week filming just as the party lights went out! Be sure to watch for our segment in the up coming film, it will blow your mind! Photo by: Owen Kjarsgaard

Mustang Powder 10-12-2016 a les 20:05:36

Grassroots Powdersurfing & Warren Miller Entertainment at Mustang this week and they're surfin' in style!

Mustang Powder 08-12-2016 a les 16:52:20

We woke up to another blue bird day this morning and the cats are set to head out! #armadaskis #helicatcanada