Mount Lyford

New Zealand

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Mount Lyford 16-12-2016 a les 08:16:44

We've made it to the top. A visual inspection over lifts looks ok. Just the day lodge with everything on the the floor to sort out. The dozer and digger are making great progress on the access road. All we need now is plenty of snow in 2017.

Mount Lyford 08-12-2016 a les 02:20:58

180 degree from Waiau to Kaikoura from the Mt Lyford access road.

Mount Lyford 07-12-2016 a les 22:05:28

We're working our way to the top 800m to go to get our vehicles up. The access road has held up well and will be wider through the bush when we're finished. A fly by the ski area has been done with no visual signs of damage. Full assessment will be taken once we can get in by 4wd later next week.

Mount Lyford 12-11-2016 a les 02:54:19

Mount Lyford 10-09-2016 a les 21:37:24

Another great masters day 2016.

Mount Lyford 10-09-2016 a les 00:11:24

Mount Lyford 08-09-2016 a les 23:36:34

We're making our way up to the ski basin. Great weekend ahead.

Mount Lyford 07-09-2016 a les 20:49:52

Winter is back at Mt Lyford 10cm on the mountain so far and more coming through the day. An excellent weekend ahead.

Mount Lyford 13-08-2016 a les 22:35:54

Sunrise on the Eastern faces.

Mount Lyford 13-08-2016 a les 18:34:41

Mt Lyford is open today. The best conditions of 2016 with 30cm of new snow. Powder skiing and riding. Snow report