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Mount Cain 29-12-2016 a les 03:29:15

Through this way, Mount Cain would love to inform everyone that we are in collaboration with Section 8 Snowsport Institute offering a 2 day Section 8's Science Friction Camp. (Ed. note: Erik has a rather Dutch way to his language. It's delightful). Section 8's Science Friction camps are designed for people who want to improve not only their skiing, but also their understanding of skiing. A better understanding of why we need to make a particular move at a given moment, means changes to your technique are more likely to become hard wired and integrated into your skiing. Without that understanding it is very easy for results to fade away over time. As well as looking at the technical aspects of your skiing, we will also look at how we can develop tactics to deal with Mount Cain's varied terrain; why we choose to turn where we do, and could we make better decisions about our speed, line, and turn shape? On these 2 day camps, you will make changes to your skiing that enable you to better carve up the groomers, slay the bumps and shred the pow and steeps. There's plenty of skiing, and plenty of fun, guaranteed! The dates of the camps are: January 3 and 4; February 4 and 5 only for women, it's woman weekend! (it will be a special edition); and February 11 and 12. A rough outline from the days are: Costs: for open public $250.00 Season pass holders $200.00 Staff members including ski patrol $150.00 Outline of the course Saturday: 9.15 Meet on snow. 9.30-12.00 Skill development & video analysis (weather permitting) 12.00-1.00 Lunch (view video) 1.00-3.30 Tactic development 3.30 onwards Apres in the bar Sunday: 9.15 Meet on snow. 9.30-12.00 Skill development 12.00-1.00 Lunch 1.00-3.00 Tactic development Check out one of their instruction videos to get a feeling of who they are: If you have any question, please feel free to connect directly with ErikClevering, Snow School Manager Mount Cain or778-989-1579

Mount Cain 29-12-2016 a les 03:27:39

We're alive!! After chowing down on days of cherry cherry fresh pow pow, I've managed to surface long enough to tell you that this... is the best skiing in years. One for the ages. Uh.. bring your chains, bring your fat skis or learn how to carve some, because it is deeeeep. (oh and really....bring your chains and put them on...) C'mon up and explore an exciting new world for adult ski development in the article below:

Mount Cain 16-12-2016 a les 01:41:32

Looking for the perfect gift? Get your Mount Cain gift certificates at the following locations: Timberland Sports,Port McNeill The Shed, Port McNeill Cafea Guideo, Port Hardy Sointula Post you guessed it, Sointula Blue Toque Sports, Courtenay Ski Tak Hut, Courtenay

Mount Cain 14-12-2016 a les 21:41:47

Mount Cain 10-12-2016 a les 00:12:29

To ze hills! Zer ees fresh powda! (No seriously... it's puking. Bring your chains in case). The snow just keeps stacking up. Please note that our Christmas schedule traditionally follows the North Island School District's winter break. We will be open the next 2 weekends, then closed for December 24th and 25th to allow our staff and volunteers a chance to celebrate the holidays. We then resume regular holiday operations on December 26th to January 8th. Book your accommodations now as it's filling up! CHRISTMAS 5 DAY PASS 6 - 12 yr. - tickets before tax $73.33 - GST @ 5% $3.67 - Ticket W/GST $77.00 13 - 18 yr. & Seniors - Tickets before tax $128.57 - GST @ 5% $6.43 - Ticket W/GST $135.00 19 & over - Tickets before tax $207.62 - GST @ 5% $10.38 - Ticket W/GST $218.00 See our website for additional pricing and info.

Mount Cain 08-12-2016 a les 22:11:21

As you're coming to or from Mount Cain. We are just showing some love for our friends in Sayward. You know, lively Sayward where the bustle never stops? Lyle Fast is hosting a tea house at Mountain Side Farm on Friday Night. Check out the habitat of a real mountain weirdo. Look for the roadside sign before Sayward. Won't you have some tea? Also, the Crossroads Restaurant at the Sayward Gas Station Junction is open now. They recommend the Sunday night drive home pizza.

Mount Cain 05-12-2016 a les 17:54:11

Mount Cain, Vancouver Island's BEST ski hill, already opened last weekend! But wait...there's even MORE fresh snow this weekend. Opening weekend went okay...I guess #openingday2016 #thisaintmallskiing #lesslattesmoreskiing #youdreamwhileweski #meatbeerpowder #cainneverwaits

Mount Cain 02-12-2016 a les 00:23:56

Please note that it will be cash only in the Cain Cafe this weekend. JUST the Cafe, not the ticket booth...which WILL have debit. get food you'll need CA$H money. It's worth it for the food....and yes they'll still report it on their taxes. :p

Mount Cain 01-12-2016 a les 19:49:35

We will be opening this Saturday morning (9 or 9:30) on the lower mountain. Here is our schedule for the year: Opening Day: Dec. 3rd Christmas Break December 26th to January 8th (closed Dec. 24 &25) Christmas Day Hill Closed December 24- 25th Cain Cup (10:30 am start) January 21st Women's Weekend (external affiliation) February 4th Back Country Fest (external affiliation) February 11/12 Family Day February 13th TeleFest February 18th Snowboard Fest (aka Nahum's Day) March 4th Spring Break March 18-20 and MArch 24-26th Kid’s Fest March 18th Cypress Cup Dual Slalom Race (10:30 am start) April 1st, no foolin' Closing Day April 15 Closing Clean up (non public /volunteers appreciated) April 16 Questions?

Mount Cain 29-11-2016 a les 18:31:11

BIG NEWS!!! We are having a soft opening for hard-core snow enthusiasts this weekend. That means the lower half of the mountain will be open. Our winter elves have been working very hard to bring you the first opening on Vancouver Island this year. Please be patient as we break in new employees and get up and running. Bring chains (and use them!). Dogs on a leash (and clean up after them). No unauthorized snowmobiles on the hill. Be cool.

Mount Cain 29-11-2016 a les 03:10:13

HERE WE GO! Lower mountain opens THIS SATURDAY! Hoping for a full opening Sunday. WOOHOO! #Cainlove

Mount Cain 28-11-2016 a les 15:17:29

Ullr has been kind these past few weeks. Possibly opening Sat Dec 3! Stay tuned.... #Cainlove

Mount Cain 26-11-2016 a les 06:44:57

RT @microjanet: Winter training starting up for #avalanchedogs everywhere! #RescueRory #Whistler #CARDA #eromitlabs @SuperpowerDogs https:/…

Mount Cain 26-11-2016 a les 06:43:43

RT @microjanet: .@MtCainSkiHill bound at 430am tomorrow for patrol training! The dogs and I can't wait to feel the snow #Cainlove #patrolfa…

Mount Cain 11-11-2016 a les 16:42:04

Knee high at L4 on Nov 5th!

Mount Cain 11-11-2016 a les 16:38:35

We're hiring a (paid) Snow School Manager!

Mount Cain 05-08-2016 a les 05:41:47

RT @microjanet: IS IT WINTER YET?!?! #RexSpecs #RescueRory #SARdog #avalanchedog @MtCainSkiHill @MountWashington

Mount Cain 04-02-2016 a les 04:31:18

#SkiTakHut will be at #BackcountryFestival with a booth & gear rentals. With all the powder coming maybe good time to try out new skis!

Mount Cain 03-02-2016 a les 18:15:43

#AvalancheAwarenessDay in conjunction with the Backcountry Fest this Sat! @avalancheca

Mount Cain 03-02-2016 a les 18:08:18

Backcountry Fest is happening this weekend!

Mount Cain 10-12-2015 a les 02:38:43

Mount Cain 10-12-2015 a les 02:36:30

It's a go! We're opening this Saturday!!! See you there! #CainLove

Mount Cain 07-12-2015 a les 07:32:24

Snow snow and more snow! Stay tuned for updates on opening day! #CainLove

Mount Cain 30-11-2015 a les 22:17:02

Lift maintenance crew training last weekend. Hill is looking good. Stay tuned for opening day announcement!

Mount Cain 26-11-2015 a les 20:14:14

@yyjonathan Scheduled for Dec 5 but we'll have a much better idea after this weekend. Stay tuned!