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Gulmarg 11-07-2016 a les 12:00:53

Please email your Cancellation & Rescheduling requests to

Gulmarg 10-07-2016 a les 20:47:25

@suryanshverma24 +919650226555 is our call center number.

Gulmarg 05-07-2016 a les 13:25:48

#GulmargGondola will be closed on 06 July Wednesday & 07 July Thursday for eid ul fitr holidays. Wish you all #EidMubarak #Kashmir #Gulmarg

Gulmarg 09-01-2016 a les 07:30:29

View from Phase 2 (Apharwat)

Gulmarg 09-01-2016 a les 07:13:58

RT @go2kashmir: The newly installed Red #Gondola cabins in #Gulmarg #Kahmir. @GulmargGondola @tourism_jk @incredibleindia…

Gulmarg 09-01-2016 a les 07:13:29

RT @VMI_tourist: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Photo Courtesy @VMI_tourist #Kashmir https://t.…

Gulmarg 09-01-2016 a les 07:13:12

RT @makYusufzai: New red cabins for phase 2 in #Gulmarg hub for skiing too

Gulmarg 09-01-2016 a les 07:12:56

RT @4sqSU_India: #06 #4sq365In Paradise on Earth 'Gulmarg Gondola' #4sq365 #Chairlift #Cablecar #skiing #snow https…

Gulmarg 25-10-2015 a les 06:29:25

#GondolaUpdate Due to bad weather conditions only phase 1 is operational today. (25/10/2015)

Gulmarg 23-10-2015 a les 20:30:54

#GulmargUpdate Both Phases are operational, Online booking has been restored now you can also book your tickets online from our website.

Gulmarg 23-10-2015 a les 07:10:05

#GondolaUpdate Both Phase (Phase1 and Phase2) are operational (23/10/2015)

Gulmarg 21-10-2015 a les 08:43:30

#GondolaUpdate Due to Project maintenance only Phase 1 will be operational today (21/10/2015)

Gulmarg 20-10-2015 a les 06:50:58

#GondolaUpdate Due to Project maintenance only Phase 1 will be operational today (20/10/2015)

Gulmarg 19-10-2015 a les 07:36:21

RT @tourism_jk: #Kongdoori is a bowl shaped area between #Gulmarg and the summit on the #Afarwat mountain range @GulmargGondola

Gulmarg 19-10-2015 a les 07:35:50

#GondolaUpdate Today Only Phase 1st is operational.

Gulmarg 15-07-2012 a les 18:31:21

Partha Sahana from Kolkata has a query: I am visiting Gulmarg on 22nd & 23rd of October 2012 with family and 3 kids aging 5 years to 9 years old. I have four queries: 1) Can we aspect snow in phase I & phase II during this period of time? 2) Is it unsafe of any kind for kids at phase II ? 3) How far is the walking distance from phase I to Khilanmarg skiing area ? 4) Is it possible to spend all day 9 am to 5 pm at phase I , II & Khilanmarg with the (Rs.300 + Rs.500) Gondola ticket ? I have heard there is provision for lunch at phase I at a cafeteria. Thanking you in advance.

Gulmarg 08-07-2012 a les 12:44:26

Who among you is in Gulmarg right now :)

Gulmarg 04-01-2011 a les 17:42:45

Gulmarg Today!!

Gulmarg 04-07-2010 a les 16:24:48

Kashmir Youth Intellect announces a ''Fund Raising Campaign'' for the recently effected needy families in Kashmir, whose children have became victims of aggression, and who are in dire need of financial assistance for the treatment in hospitals. Will reach out to the poor families whose only bread winners have been killed. For contribution contact:

Gulmarg 17-06-2010 a les 19:30:40

Spread this link everywhere to sign the petition for a cause to find about the truth behind disappearance of Zuhaib Rizvi. Sign the cause and we will keep the authorities reminding about it as this article was published in todays greater kashmir because of reminder...s sent by our team people. Join hands and be united.

Gulmarg 06-06-2010 a les 12:28:49

Gulmarg 12-05-2010 a les 11:15:12

Click link to know more about saffron "kesar"

Gulmarg 18-04-2010 a les 09:21:55

The first recognised open to all community page for kashmir on facebook ,link below, be fan for discussions on history & exquisite kashmir

Gulmarg 07-04-2010 a les 11:02:38

What do we like most about gulmarg?

Gulmarg 07-03-2010 a les 12:57:12

taking a cue 4rm NDTV greenathon,lets ol pledge 2 save r vale 4rm environmental catastrophe...lets ol do r bit,r smal steps can make a huge difrnc...