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Dezaiko Lodge 29-12-2016 a les 03:23:10

Working off the Christmas excesses! Awesome deep and light Powder today on Leprechaun Ridge.

Dezaiko Lodge 02-11-2016 a les 13:17:38

Post Halloween Ski. Took the pumpkin pack out for the first ski of the season in the McGregor Range. Pretty good conditions for November 1! 2 months to opening Dezaiko for the 2017 season.

Dezaiko Lodge 24-10-2016 a les 14:46:42

Sometimes we think many residents of northern BC don't realize that we are lucky to have amazing terrain and snow right in our own backyard. Posters created by the backcountry skiers at Beekman Printing.

Dezaiko Lodge 17-10-2016 a les 23:17:52

Our 31st season is rapidly approaching. There is still an opportunity for you to experience Dezaiko this winter!

Dezaiko Lodge 15-10-2016 a les 19:24:58

First snow and first ski of the season.

Dezaiko Lodge 14-10-2016 a les 20:58:59

Dezaiko Lodge 26-08-2016 a les 16:55:41

Flying outhouses and friends.

Dezaiko Lodge 22-06-2016 a les 17:06:02

The story of Bonnie Pinenut.

Dezaiko Lodge 17-06-2016 a les 15:20:23

Next winter at Dezaiko!

Dezaiko Lodge 23-04-2016 a les 21:09:57

Thank you from Craig and Bonnie!