Espace San Bernardo Snowboard Challenge

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Del 31/01/2023 al 16/04/2023


Snowboard the most km downhill in one day!


Sustainable backpacks and bags



Do you really know all 152 km of slopes in the Espace San Bernardo area? Prove it!

Snowboard on as many slopes as possible, and those who have covered more km in one day at the end of the season will be crowned winter winner!


What do you have to do?

Snowboard the most kilometers downhill in one day!


What can you win?

The top 3 snowboarders will win sustainable backpacks and bags, made with recycled material. Unique pieces signed LTH!


*Only the distance snowboarded will be valid (remember to select the right activity before recording your tracks). 

*All the distance recorded on the lifts will not be taken into account for this challenge.

*A user may not win more than one “Espace San Bernardo Challenge” in the same season. 


By agreeing to participate in this challenge, you agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.


1Líder actualhaydn10.792 m
2haydn10.177 m
3RIVET8.699 m
4GiGi_del_748.548 m
5djetime8.514 m
6GiGi_del_748.118 m
7djetime7.994 m
8Cookie157.738 m
9Cookie157.632 m
10Remyf7.542 m
11GiGi_del_747.315 m
12viorlann7.032 m
13YaNoUcHkA7.022 m
14haydn6.930 m
15marcf736.800 m
16djetime6.785 m
17YaNoUcHkA6.782 m
18djetime6.777 m
19grotibo6.716 m
20viorlann6.710 m
21Elona_086.664 m
22FredBeg6.616 m
23Remyf6.452 m
24Remyf6.423 m
25victordanion6.403 m
26lbasellini6.378 m
27Totor946.359 m
28YaNoUcHkA6.221 m
29BarbeBlanche6.220 m
30YaNoUcHkA6.198 m
31BarbeBlanche6.160 m
32YaNoUcHkA6.051 m
33TheSluke6.024 m
34marcf735.999 m
35BarbeBlanche5.961 m
36BarbeBlanche5.953 m
37Cookie155.855 m
38Reach5.836 m
39Sechs5.813 m
40EdouardS5.721 m
41rossi675.711 m
42Totor945.674 m
43victordanion5.631 m
44marcf735.631 m
45Base_Jr5.534 m
46TheSluke5.491 m
47victordanion5.478 m
48RIVET5.458 m
49YaNoUcHkA5.411 m
50garfield1265.384 m