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Domaine skiable ouvert
Type de neige
Épaisseur de neige

Zakopane Il ya seulement 2 heures

Choinki ubrane, Bieg Mikołajów wystartował, teraz czekamy na Świętego Mikołaja

Zakopane Il ya seulement 3 heures

Jeśli jeszcze Was z nami nie ma to serdecznie zapraszamy na Zakopiańskie Mikołajki❄️

Zakopane Il ya seulement 4 heures

Właśnie zaczynamy Zakopiańskie Mikołajki, już za godzinę start Biegu Mikołajów!

Zakopane Il ya seulement 15 heures

Pogoda na dobrą pogodę prosto z Zakopanego :)

Zakopane Il ya seulement 15 heures

Jeśli jeszcze nie wiecie gdzie spędzić Sylwestra to mamy dla Was małą podpowiedź :)

Zakopane Il ya seulement 17 heures

Zapraszamy na Sylwestra do Zakopanego!

Zakopane Il ya seulement 18 heures

Polacy najlepsi w konkursie drużynowym w Klingenthal! Gratulujemy naszym skoczkom i już nie możemy się doczekać styczniowego Pucharu Świata w skokach narciarskich w Zakopanem :)

Zakopane Il ya seulement 20 heures

Zapraszamy do biegu!

Zakopane HIER à 14:03:01

Zima na Krupówkach

Zakopane HIER à 11:00:00

Już jutro o tej porze zapraszamy na Zakopiańskie Mikołajki! :)

Zakopane 28-11-2016 à 20:27:16

Plenty of people watching #TourdeCeleb who would love a #cycling #holiday in Zakopane! Give us a shout -…

Zakopane 27-11-2016 à 10:09:19

People always ask where to get good value #skiwear for their #skiholiday in Zakopane. Take a look @AldiUK

Zakopane 21-11-2016 à 09:34:59

We've started! The first day of the 2016/17 #skiseason in #Poland on Saturday as the first #slopes opened…

Zakopane 16-11-2016 à 18:28:58

Anther mention of great value #skiing and #snowboarding in #Zakopane from @Mpora #actionsports #skiholidays

Zakopane 12-11-2016 à 13:47:54

#FIS World Cup Ski Jumping in #Zakopane - 20th-22nd January 2017, why not mix it in with a weekend #skibreak in…

Zakopane 08-11-2016 à 11:29:58

The first snow cannons are blasting in Poland! Can't wait for winter to start again! #skiing #snow #excited

Zakopane 01-11-2016 à 13:46:02

We're into November! That means we'll be skiing next month! Woohoo!!

Zakopane 20-10-2016 à 14:28:59

Our new #cycling #holidays site is live, a few things to add still but take a look and spread the word -…

Zakopane 18-10-2016 à 09:48:26

Can't worry too much about #Brexit and the #exchangerates just yet when a #pint of #beer still only cost £1.60 on t…

Zakopane 06-10-2016 à 11:32:21

A big swing in weather conditions this week!! The snow is back! 2 months to #skiing time ⛷

Zakopane 04-10-2016 à 14:42:39

@ellis_brigham Frustrating when you're interested in some skis and nobody in the shop says hello, strolled out after 5 mins empty handed

Zakopane 03-10-2016 à 14:04:25

This is #Zakopane, what a beautiful #autumn day on Saturday!

Zakopane 02-10-2016 à 13:36:22

@TheBelfryHotel Eye spy with my little eye... 11

Zakopane 28-09-2016 à 09:03:14

The #snow is on the way! We have a dusting high up on the #peaks of the #tatramountains

Zakopane 21-09-2016 à 10:08:19

First guests of winter 2016/17arriving 3 months today!! #countdown #winter2017 #skiingholidays #poland #zakopane…