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Turkey Heliski-Ikizdere 01-12-2016 à 10:48:26

Se rappelant la visite de Les frères Falquet AKA Huck and Chuck , Jean-yves Michellod e Jé Heitz :) aux Val d' Aran.

Turkey Heliski-Ikizdere 29-11-2016 à 19:03:11

Regala formación en prevención de riesgos de avalancha!!

Turkey Heliski-Ikizdere 25-11-2016 à 23:22:03

Shhhh the season is coming!! with Salomon Freeski & Salomon Snowboards

Turkey Heliski-Ikizdere 24-11-2016 à 23:11:47

Turkey Heliski-Ikizdere 23-11-2016 à 03:37:17

Our fully qualified UIAGM-AEGM mountain guides have a wealth of heliskiing experience in the region and come from Spain,France and Switzerland.We operate exclusively with Squirrel B3+ provided by the Spanish company TAF helicopters for our heliski operation. Their pilots and mechanics have a great deal of heliskiing experience and ensure the optimal safety and efficiency of our operation. We follow strictly the Heliskiing International Standards.

Turkey Heliski-Ikizdere 20-11-2016 à 23:53:06

Thank you Enrique Ribas Lasso y Revista NIX for this amazing article!!

Turkey Heliski-Ikizdere 20-11-2016 à 23:42:38

Turkey Heliski-Ikizdere 06-11-2016 à 20:55:51

THE SNOW HAS ARRIVED TO THE PYRENEES! Can´t wait to glide through this winter´s first snow covered peaks? Stay tuned for this season novelties in Pyrenees Heliski, we promise to amaze!

Turkey Heliski-Ikizdere 24-06-2016 à 18:22:10

Spectacular images of our small "cervino", do you want to climb it? Our team of certificate mountain guides take you!

Turkey Heliski-Ikizdere 20-06-2016 à 23:58:29

With little effort you’ll be transported by helicopter up through a mountain valley and then dropped off onto a high alpine meadow where you’ll have fantastic high alpine hiking, unsurpassed mountain views in all directions…