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Timberline Four Seasons 12-10-2016 à 00:16:56

Things are looking good!

Timberline Four Seasons 01-10-2016 à 23:23:31

Little tease of snow on the mountain have you itching to pick up your Mt. Hood Fusion Pass? Stop by evo Portland or Patagonia Portland to grab yours and be ready when the chairs start to spin! For a schedule and more information: http://www.timberlinelodge.com/event/portland-pass-sales/

Timberline Four Seasons 10-09-2016 à 06:27:00

See it at Snowvana!

Timberline Four Seasons 06-09-2016 à 20:28:50

The Mt. Hood Fusion Pass is on sale now!

Timberline Four Seasons 30-07-2016 à 16:52:46

Timberline Four Seasons 29-07-2016 à 17:26:55

Snowvana is Coming!

Timberline Four Seasons 15-06-2016 à 18:23:38

The Powder Alliance just got better!

Timberline Four Seasons 06-01-2016 à 21:06:03

Mt. Hood Skibowl getting some love from Powder Magazine!

Timberline Four Seasons 14-12-2015 à 22:13:51

Skibowl opens for skiing & riding this Wednesday at 3pm! Get those Fusion Passes out!

Timberline Four Seasons 06-11-2015 à 19:16:37

Looks like snow in our future, follow the link for details: http://bit.ly/1OtHn2W

Timberline Four Seasons 21-09-2012 à 00:01:01

Mobile Fusion Pass Sales Vehicle hits the road in October. We drive to you! See the schedule: http://t.co/6X8IDaYE

Timberline Four Seasons 27-10-2010 à 09:13:32

Get your Fusion Pass today and ride this weekend at Timberline!

Timberline Four Seasons 27-10-2010 à 09:11:57

La Nina is AWESOME! The mountain is a winter wonderland. Get you Fusion Pass this weekend at any Portland area REI or on-line!

Timberline Four Seasons 08-11-2009 à 22:22:46

Last day to get your Fusion Pass at Ski Show pricing. Passes go up at Midnight tonight! Come down to the Ski show. MthoodFusionpass.com

Timberline Four Seasons 07-11-2009 à 15:49:26

Get your Mt. Hood Fusion Pass at the Portland Ski SHow this weekend. Prices go up starting Monday. TImberline open today!

Timberline Four Seasons 07-11-2009 à 05:25:43

Fusion at the Ski Fever and Snowboard show. Get your pass today.. Ride tomorrow at Timberline! (via @skibowl)

Timberline Four Seasons 03-11-2009 à 18:50:03

Tell your friends to follow us on Twitter and come out to the ski show. We will be having tweet ups and doing some fun giveaways.

Timberline Four Seasons 31-10-2009 à 19:59:02

Happy Halloween! Last day to get your Fusion Pass at the best price of the season. Go on-line now and get yours. http://bit.ly/Asfit

Timberline Four Seasons 30-10-2009 à 20:16:22

Scary Stuff! Halloween at midnight is the deadline for getting the best pass prices of the year. Prices go up on Nov. 1st. Get your pass now

Timberline Four Seasons 25-10-2009 à 17:14:35

Last day to pick up or purchase your Mt. Hood Fusion pass at PDX are REI stores. Prices go up Nov. 1st!

Timberline Four Seasons 24-10-2009 à 04:12:10

Get your Fusion Pass this final weekend at Pdx area REI stores. Next stop Ski Fever Nov. 6-8 at the Expo Center. Best Pass on Hood!

Timberline Four Seasons 22-10-2009 à 07:22:58

Nothing spooky about it.... The best Fusion Pass pricing of the year is good through Halloween! Come Nov. 1, it is a little scarier...

Timberline Four Seasons 18-10-2009 à 17:30:57

Remember to purchase your Fusion Pass by Halloween for the best price of the year. Rates go up November 1st!

Timberline Four Seasons 18-10-2009 à 17:28:25

Back at Portland area REI stores today. Come out and see us! We will be around until 3pm to get you the best pass on Hood!

Timberline Four Seasons 13-10-2009 à 04:03:56

The Fusion Pass is a hot ticket this year. Everyone must be thinking about easy parking, short lift lines and less time in a car. Smart!