Domaine skiable ouvert
Poudreuse damée
Type de neige
188-583 cm
Épaisseur de neige

Timberline Il ya seulement 9 heures

The parking lots are currently full, the Mt. Hood Express is running and we will be allowing cars up as others leave.

Timberline 08-12-2016 à 21:56:02

The snow is really coming down and the windows are getting covered up! #timberlinetruth… https://t.co/ZTk0DH9Eh1

Timberline 08-12-2016 à 04:47:23

Today was amazing. #timberlinetruth #timberlinelodge #omht https://t.co/qZl05sTTLi

Timberline 06-12-2016 à 18:06:37

Shaping up to be one of those days you still talk about five years from now. https://t.co/S5QRskxqPN

Timberline 06-12-2016 à 16:52:50

RT @hellomehellowld: @timberlinelodge serving yummy healthy meals #ski #Oregon #mounthood #timberline https://t.co/NDkWo87G2e

Timberline 04-12-2016 à 17:58:54

Pow day! #timberlinelodge #timberlinetruth https://t.co/9WHy8Buz6J

Timberline 03-12-2016 à 22:03:08

The parking lot and road have reopened!

Timberline 03-12-2016 à 19:37:34

The parking lot is currently full. The @Mthoodexpress is running and we will be allowing vehicles up as vehicles leave.

Timberline 03-12-2016 à 00:41:50

RT @MtHoodNF: This weekend, hit the slopes and shred the gnar w/ your ski bum friend, bro. #FridayFeeling #weekendwanderlust https://t.co/y…

Timberline 03-12-2016 à 00:41:44

RT @clackamascounty: The @MtHoodExpress is expanding bus service hours and days. Get from @CityOfSandyOR to @timberlinelodge safe and in st…

Timberline 01-12-2016 à 21:32:15

There's powder to be had! #timberlinetruth #timberlinelodge #omht #powday https://t.co/MWf9jjQoRb

Timberline 30-11-2016 à 19:30:15

Hey guys, Jeff Flood is open today. And its dumping. Maybe call in sick tomorrow.

Timberline 28-11-2016 à 18:42:35

This season, give the gift of snow with our Cyber Monday Deal: https://t.co/hCXkh0NxlR https://t.co/hCXkh0NxlR

Timberline 28-11-2016 à 09:06:19

Our Cyber Monday Deal is LIVE! Three midweek tickets for the price of one. Follow link to buy:… https://t.co/bHJVFVxM5a

Timberline 28-11-2016 à 05:13:16

You could spend the third day riding on your #CyberMonday deal just ripping groomers with your… https://t.co/2n0QBQxDzZ

Timberline 24-11-2016 à 01:02:19

Wednesday Weekly Update! Thanksgiving is tomorrow and the snow is finally here. We want to wish a warm welcome to all the families that have traveled to Timberline for the holiday! Here is what we've been up to the last week.

Timberline 22-11-2016 à 23:00:40

Do you know someone who needs to take a year out to study the the Bible, live in community, explore the outdoors, and serve the Lord in the mountains of Colorado? Tag them here and follow the link for details on our "Early Bird" promotion! http://www.timberlinelodge.org/bible-school/bible-school-dates-fees.html

Timberline 18-11-2016 à 22:49:02

Halfway through the weekend at #nywc16, talking to youth workers about the opportunity for their students to attend Bible School as a gap-year. Come sit on our couches! . #torchbearersinternational #youthministry #gapyear @ravencrestchalet @hishill @portantorchas

Timberline 10-11-2016 à 00:56:27

Wednesday Weekly Update! Warm weather has lead to a lot of time outside soaking up the sun before the snow falls, here is what we've been up to lately and a random group shot from our moab trip :)

Timberline 01-11-2016 à 18:44:29

This winter, Torchbearers is going to be serving with Zane Black at the Dare2Share conferences around the country by helping run his booth (Lovin Life) and a Torchbearers International booth where we hope to share with attendees the opportunity of Bible School. If you’re interested in helping out at one of the booths, Please message me (Joseph Weissman) here on Facebook. Click the link or the photo to see that dates and cities where we will be! https://www.dare2share.org/unshakeable/#cities

Timberline 26-10-2016 à 22:48:13

Wednesday weekly update! Fall is here and the students are settling in, check out some of the stuff we have been up to lately!

Timberline 18-10-2016 à 18:39:45

We would love you to join us this winter season! We still have weekend retreats available February 3-5, February 10-12, and February 24-26. We also have spring break availability from March 16-March 31, 2017. Join us for the weekend or stay with us longer for a ski/snowboard trip! To inquire or make a reservation please contact our Guest Services Coordinator Emily Kearns at emilyk@timberlinelodge.org or 970-726-8850 ext. 204.

Timberline 29-09-2016 à 17:37:06

Timberline 26-08-2016 à 18:14:55

This goofy staff and our families can't wait to meet this years students in just a couple weeks! We are spending a few days preparing and praying for their arrival on our staff retreat this week. Join us in praying for our incoming class and what the Lord will do this fall in and through our community. #torchbearers #tlbibleschool #gapyear #bibleschool #mtelimbiblecamp #staffretreat

Timberline 24-08-2016 à 17:25:14

Meet Sam Hatfield our Resident Assistant yearunteer for 2016-2017. Sam was a student at Timberline in 2012 and also served in 2014 as a summer volunteer. Sam is originally from North Carolina and he's looking forward to getting to know and growing with this years class. He loves to snowboard, serve with @sfcinternational, and experimenting in the kitchen. #humansoftimberline #tlbibleschool #torchbearers #bibleschool