Domaine skiable ouvert
Poudreuse damée
Type de neige
20-80 cm
Épaisseur de neige

Sugarbush Il ya seulement 7 heures

The best gift for the winter-lover in your family is the SugarDirect card. More info here:……

Sugarbush Il ya seulement 7 heures

A SugarDirect card is the perfect gift for the winter-lovers in your family. It will get you awesome deals every time you are on the mountain. Details here:

Sugarbush Il ya seulement 8 heures

All this hiking to Castlerock and tearing up Spring Fling has me parched! See you at apres! #sugarbush #wunderbar…

Sugarbush Il ya seulement 10 heures

No better way to spend the weekend than on snow. #snow #weekend #adventure #sugarbush #winterishere

Sugarbush Il ya seulement 12 heures

Mother Nature has been very kind lately. 9" in the last 24 hours and it's still snowing. We're rolling!…

Sugarbush Il ya seulement 13 heures

One hour til Wunderbar is open for the season!! Who's already thinking about apres?? #wunderbar #wundergirls #apres #sugarbush

Sugarbush Il ya seulement 13 heures

Mother Nature has been very kind lately. We got another 9" in the last 24 hours and it's still snowing. Most of the Valley House trails opened today, so did the lift. The Wunderbar opens in a few minutes and the Mad Bus starts its early season schedule. Many thanks again to the Diamond Dogs for modeling. We're rolling!

Sugarbush HIER à 20:27:00

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Sugarbush HIER à 19:50:40

@BrandonButler1 Absolutely! Most of LP is open, it's just water bars and thinner cover on the lower part of the mtn. Should be skiable soon!

Sugarbush HIER à 19:37:51

@BrandonButler1 Mt Ellen always has a scheduled Opening Day that we stick to (Dec 16th), and lower mtn trails still need a bit of attention.

Sugarbush HIER à 19:32:51

@weakendaternies We have tons! Get here early! :) #turns #ski #ride

Sugarbush HIER à 18:48:49

Sugarbush keeps getting snow. We are near 100" already&it's not officially winter yet. Time to burn those sick days…

Sugarbush HIER à 18:46:10

Sugarbush keeps getting blessed with snow, another 10" at the summit since yesterday. We are rapidly approaching 100" for the season and it's not even officially winter yet. The forecast for the next week looks better than anything we've gotten so far. Time to burn those sick days. #sickday

Sugarbush HIER à 13:27:05

Start the weekend early with #FreshPowFriday. We got 6 inches overnight. #sugarbush…

Sugarbush 08-12-2016 à 21:54:45

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Sugarbush 08-12-2016 à 20:07:41

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Sugarbush 08-12-2016 à 19:57:52

Check the latest Stoke for deep deposits, opening opportunities and rising interest rates.

Sugarbush 08-12-2016 à 13:46:00

Good morning! #alpenglow #sugarbush

Sugarbush 08-12-2016 à 13:42:46

Good morning!

Sugarbush 07-12-2016 à 19:40:00

Get the inside scoop with Bear and John on the new and improved Rumble!

Sugarbush 07-12-2016 à 18:23:53

Get the DL on The Rumble right here! #sugarbush #camaraderie #adventure #thelatest via @YouTube

Sugarbush 07-12-2016 à 13:36:54

We thought conditions couldn't get any better than yesterday, but then Mother Nature gave us another 4" last night.

Sugarbush 07-12-2016 à 13:34:22

After a gorgeous day on the slopes yesterday, Mother Nature dropped another 4" on us.……

Sugarbush 06-12-2016 à 18:10:09

Castlerock opened today with hike access on the ridgeline. If you like to walk a little and don't mind a lot of fresh snow, it's pretty okay. ;)

Sugarbush 05-12-2016 à 23:04:49

Lower Birdland love!!