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Spout Springs Ski Area will be closed this season. As always, the staff at Spout Springs Ski Area is concerned about the safety of our customers above all else. Policy that has been set by the USFS regarding snow removal in the parking area and the use of high speed snowmobiles around the general public has created a hazardous situation. This situation has materially interfered with the operation of the ski area. Members of the USFS have even gone as far as to dictate ski area policy within the permit area. This type of activity does not mix with a learn to ski area and does not make economic sense for the day to day operation. Without a parking area we do not have a ski area. Without the ability to make judgement calls regarding safety we cannot provide a safe environment for the families that use the facility. Any questions should be addressed to: Mike Rassbach District Ranger Walla Walla Ranger District (509) 522-6290

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