Soda Springs


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Domaine skiable ouvert
Type de neige
Épaisseur de neige

Soda Springs 06-12-2016 à 18:54:09

We're featured in the SF Gate! Give it a read

Soda Springs 04-12-2016 à 18:12:17

Tube Town expanded tubing • Come slip and slide with the whole family • #TubeTown • #SkiSodaSprings • SodaSpringsRWI

Soda Springs 02-12-2016 à 00:06:43

Soda Springs is on the big screen! Thanks Snowboarder Magazine and Desiree Melancon for the love!

Soda Springs 28-11-2016 à 18:42:24

Lions Head Chair is spinning and there's plenty of freshies to be had • Come and get your turns in • #SkiSodaSprings

Soda Springs 27-11-2016 à 23:23:13

#PlanetKids is the best place to learn how to shred • These little rippers just started and they're already linking turns • #SkiSodaSprings

Soda Springs 27-11-2016 à 20:32:14

The storm has passed • The sky is blue • Planet Kids, Tube Town and Lions Head are all open • #LegendarySodaSprings • #SkiSodaSprings • #SodaSpringsRWI

Soda Springs 26-11-2016 à 18:17:24

The sun is out • So much fun for the little ones • #SodaSpringsRWI •#LegendarySodaSprings • #SkiSodaSprings

Soda Springs 24-11-2016 à 22:47:34

We're open for the16-17 season! • Come take a lesson with our amazing staff and learn a lifetime sport • #SodaSpringsRWI • #donnersummit

Soda Springs 22-11-2016 à 18:53:12

Lions Head Chair opens tomorrow! Plan your Thanksgiving trip now and get your season pass today for the best price guaranteed! Pass prices go up tonight at midnight! #LegendarySodaSprings #SkiSodaSprings #SodaSpringsRWI

Soda Springs 22-11-2016 à 00:50:59

We've got some great news! Planet Kids is OPEN, it's ❄️snowing