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Snowwater Lodge 03-12-2016 à 01:27:11

Puking out - again. Tons more coming on the weekend. Here we go.

Snowwater Lodge 30-11-2016 à 14:28:21

Thanks to the team at @GoBundance for this terrific guest video. Should help everyone get their early season Snowwater stoke on!

Snowwater Lodge 29-11-2016 à 21:11:27

Kootenay Pass! and more snow on the way!

Snowwater Lodge 29-11-2016 à 03:54:16

Whitewater today! We have snow baby - we have snow. Early season is going to rock! We have two seats left for New Years! Don't miss you!

Snowwater Lodge 24-11-2016 à 02:31:49

Snowwater Lodge 23-11-2016 à 21:11:26

Big beautiful lines in the Valhalla range from a March trip. #heliskiingcanada

Snowwater Lodge 22-11-2016 à 16:59:02

Snowwater gets some more love ... this from Butiq Escapes ...

Snowwater Lodge 16-11-2016 à 19:17:25

We are so excited to be sponsored by Peak Performance Canada this winter. They have fully outfitted our guides this season! Thank you to Gaby and the team at Peak!

Snowwater Lodge 11-11-2016 à 18:57:07

Forecasts are showing that it might just end up being a pretty awesome early season :) :) There may be a few open slots --- call the office and don't miss out on what should be some sweet skiing!

Snowwater Lodge 11-11-2016 à 00:29:58

H2 ohhhhh! Photo: Geoff Holman Photography

Snowwater Lodge 20-06-2014 à 22:06:34

Kootenay Smokehouse Woodfired Pizza The place is really taking shape. Scheduled to open July 2, 2014

Snowwater Lodge 06-06-2014 à 17:19:06

I posted 12 photos on Facebook in the album "Snowwater Garden"

Snowwater Lodge 06-05-2014 à 00:29:25

More #LOVE. Nelson voted a Top 10 Emerging Ski Town by National Geographic. They made a point of mentioning the...

Snowwater Lodge 29-04-2014 à 18:15:04

We agree ... Nelson is a pretty special place winter, sling, summer or fall!!! But, winter is our favorite and...

Snowwater Lodge 28-04-2014 à 22:30:50

Good reason to come and visit the Kootenay's in the summer!!!!

Snowwater Lodge 22-04-2014 à 22:30:11

Valhalla Powdercats 2014 Thank youNewsletter

Snowwater Lodge 22-04-2014 à 22:30:06

Valhalla Powdercats 2014 Thank youNewsletter #constantcontact

Snowwater Lodge 15-04-2014 à 20:59:57

More great stuff from Geoff Holman Photography ...

Snowwater Lodge 09-04-2014 à 01:34:35

Shot on April 1st 2014 Photo: Geoff Holman Photography

Snowwater Lodge 02-04-2014 à 20:07:15

Still dumping up here at the end of March! Powder dog!

Snowwater Lodge 28-03-2014 à 21:47:46

We absolutely loved helping Lizz ... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!!!!!!!!

Snowwater Lodge 26-03-2014 à 23:53:26

I posted a new photo to Facebook

Snowwater Lodge 26-03-2014 à 23:53:26

Yeah! Stil having fun out here at Snowwater!

Snowwater Lodge 01-01-1970 à 01:00:00

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