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Ski Sundown HIER à 16:48:20

Check out the good times at the Simsbury Celebrates Rail Jam! Tag yourself!

Ski Sundown 08-12-2016 à 22:38:50

It's time! A surge of winter cold is on the way, and Team Awesome is ready! Are you? Snowmaking starts this weekend! Make sure you are signed up to receive our email blasts. Check it out, then sign up at!

Ski Sundown 08-12-2016 à 22:32:00

Snowmaking Update- get ready! -

Ski Sundown 08-12-2016 à 20:14:40

@mike_blackman_ a little too soon to give a specific date. We will be making snow this weekend & next week!

Ski Sundown 08-12-2016 à 19:37:50

@JAG3686 Team Awesome will flip the switches this weekend! #wintermadebetter

Ski Sundown 08-12-2016 à 19:21:07

Ski Sundown 08-12-2016 à 02:30:58

@ryanhanrahan time to make the ❄️❄️❄️

Ski Sundown 08-12-2016 à 02:25:18

RT @ryanhanrahan: Some thoughts on the big pattern change that's coming in. Hint: lots of cold! #nbcct

Ski Sundown 07-12-2016 à 23:58:39

@LongtrailBOS @LongTrailBeer @LongTrailCT Joe Orsini is OG!

Ski Sundown 07-12-2016 à 21:52:48

@LongTrailBeer pure gold!

Ski Sundown 07-12-2016 à 20:45:02

@erindoli Yes! Bring your equipment to the Welcome Center M-F 9a-5p, Sat 10a-1p and we'll get those babies tuned!

Ski Sundown 07-12-2016 à 04:32:10

@JonOlson62 @ericfisher @iRacingNation Stoked to welcome everyone back! Free NASTAR, CISC Racing, new Adult Race Pgm!

Ski Sundown 07-12-2016 à 04:17:25

We'll take it! Send those cold temps, too! Snowguns ready to fire. Thanks @BradNBCCT ❄️❄️

Ski Sundown 07-12-2016 à 04:14:58

RT @ericfisher: Out by Barkhamsted, CT and @SkiSundown area ->

Ski Sundown 06-12-2016 à 19:03:00

Is your child seven kinds of awesome when it comes to skiing and racing? Want some fantastic coaching to improve their times or to get started in racing? Race Team Development is an 8-week program designed for kids 6-17 interested in learning and developing racing skills and improving overall skiing technique. As the season progresses, participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of gate training and timed NASTAR races on Gunbarrel. At the end of the program the coaches will provide an assessment of each participant's readiness to pursue competitive ski racing. Race Team Development is accepting applications for 3-hour coaching sessions held on Sunday mornings starting January 8th. Click here for info and to register:

Ski Sundown 06-12-2016 à 17:36:09

Go to for "Ask the Mountain Anything!" Answers to your most burning questions!…

Ski Sundown 05-12-2016 à 23:00:47

If you could "Ask The Mountain Anything!" what would your question be? Check out the questions people wanted to ask Ski Sundown in our latest video edit. You'll be surprised at what you'll learn! Thank you to all the people at the Ski Expo who played along!

Ski Sundown 05-12-2016 à 03:21:04

@laltmann3 need consecutive night/day temps in the 20s to make snow. Next weekend looks promising, then a better idea of Opening Day!

Ski Sundown 05-12-2016 à 01:29:17

Brad Field NBC Connecticut's Winter 2016/2017 forecast has a very interesting and awesome number in it...85". Watch and learn-we are due!

Ski Sundown 03-12-2016 à 18:18:11

@Snowbunny201223 it was a blast! No plans to resurrect for this season but thanks for weighing in!

Ski Sundown 30-11-2016 à 15:52:13

Without a doubt, this is our favorite pre-season event! Check out the Rail Jam at Simsbury Celebrates. Thank you, Luke Pepper for this awesome edit! #wintermadebetter

Ski Sundown 28-11-2016 à 02:24:58

What a race! Saw tons of Sundown people there!

Ski Sundown 26-11-2016 à 18:00:00

By far our favorite pre-season event to get amped for the season! The ISCC provided all we needed for snow, the terrain crew had everything dialed in, the crowd was awesome, and the skiers and riders who came put on an awesome show! Simsbury Celebrates! #wintermadebetter Photos: Ski Sundown Mountain Photographer Follow him on Instagram @taylorkempphotography

Ski Sundown 26-11-2016 à 17:56:31

RAIL JAM at Simsbury Celebrates today, 4-7pm. So stoked!

Ski Sundown 25-11-2016 à 15:04:13

The Welcome Center is open today from 9am-5pm and the Ski Shop hours are 9am-2pm. Pick up your passes, register for programs, grab some gift cards, and check out all of the new merchandise in the Ski Shop (including awesome stocking stuffers)! ´