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Mthomas a descendu 10.497m en 01:22:40 06-02-2018 à 00:51:57

Ski alpin
978,32m (9,32%)
Vitesse moyenne

Mthomas a descendu 6.554m en 00:57:50 31-01-2018 à 01:50:01

Ski alpin
823,20m (12,56%)
Vitesse moyenne

Ski Roundtop 29-12-2016 à 20:48:59

What a difference an hour makes! The skies are clear.

Ski Roundtop 29-12-2016 à 20:20:33

The fog is clearing, and the sky is blue behind it! Going to be an awesome, clear evening on the slopes. Join us!

Ski Roundtop 29-12-2016 à 17:09:42

Check out that Snowboarder Magazine Feature Presentation photo for the best of Terrain Parks this week! Thanks again to The Coalescent and Funtastik Skate and Snow rider Brandon, Harman (IG: @4feetoffun).

Ski Roundtop 29-12-2016 à 16:09:44

#wokeuplikethis at Tubing. An inch of natural & an inch of manmade snow, and suddenly its looking very white! Come join us? #takeasnowday

Ski Roundtop 28-12-2016 à 22:37:10

It's no secret that it's been kind of warm around the area, but thankfully we have the best snow groomers in York County. They've been keeping our snow conditions absolutely fantastic! See the SAM CAM on Minuteman and check it out for yourself. Snowmaking staff will be at the ready the next two nights, and Friday we'll be back in action! #takeasnowday #samcam

Ski Roundtop 28-12-2016 à 19:24:58

Our friends at Tröegs Independent Brewing hooked us up with a keg of Impending Descent (one of the only kegs this year!), and we want to share it with you. Find out all about New Tap Tuesdays, and the official description of Impending Descent from "Movie Trailer Sam."

Ski Roundtop 26-12-2016 à 19:25:42

Ski Roundtop 26-12-2016 à 14:48:00

Now through January 2nd (Sam meant Monday the 2nd not Tuesday), we are open daily for skiing & boarding from 8am-10pm, tubing is open 9am-10pm. More details in the video below, and we'll see you here!

Ski Roundtop 25-12-2016 à 15:28:08

Today's Snow Phone has quite a festive spirit! #christmasatroundtop #takeasnowday

Ski Roundtop 25-12-2016 à 12:36:47

Merry Christmas from all of us! We'll be skiing, boarding, and tubing today starting at noon. There will be no first tracks today so that our staff has plenty of time to check in with Santa.

Ski Roundtop 16-03-2015 à 18:46:16

@rach_sandman22 no. we're a mountain:)

Ski Roundtop 16-03-2015 à 18:06:37

POND SKIMMING will happen THIS SUNDAY 3/22 at 3pm! Register in the lower level MAIN LODGE On Sunday…

Ski Roundtop 14-03-2015 à 21:30:56

Our 2015 Chili Champs for the second consecutive year, RMR Courtesy Staff. Denny reclaiming his…

Ski Roundtop 14-03-2015 à 21:29:40

We raised nearly $280 for BARS today! #chilicookoff #whatrain

Ski Roundtop 14-03-2015 à 19:28:15

GoPro #3: FOUND. Thanks to all who hunted today!

Ski Roundtop 14-03-2015 à 19:27:38

GoPro #2: FOUND

Ski Roundtop 14-03-2015 à 19:27:15

GoPro #1: FOUND

Ski Roundtop 14-03-2015 à 17:25:59

#moneyhunt clue

Ski Roundtop 14-03-2015 à 15:22:58

@ntamanini51 found a gift card and a t-shirt! Still three GoPros up for grabs too! #money hunt

Ski Roundtop 14-03-2015 à 13:12:39

The bills are hidden! Go find em! #mardigras #moneyhunt

Ski Roundtop 12-03-2015 à 22:17:25

We'll be closing after 3/22/15 for skiing and boarding. Normal hours until then. Pond skimming…

Ski Roundtop 12-03-2015 à 14:02:06

Mardi Gras Money Hunt bill #4: the Giro Helmet bill. 24 people will go home with RMR Parks Grom…

Ski Roundtop 12-03-2015 à 14:00:34

Mardi Gras Money Hunt bill #3: the Gift Card bill. Fifteen people will go home with $25 Roundtop…

Ski Roundtop 12-03-2015 à 13:50:43

Mardi Gras Money Hunt bill #2: the GoPro bill. Three people will go home with brand new GoPro HERO…

Ski Roundtop 01-01-1970 à 01:00:00

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