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Royal Gorge 28-12-2016 à 23:48:59

Being here is good for you in every way. We hope you've enjoyed today's greatness.

Royal Gorge 25-12-2016 à 17:31:56

HoHo Ho Merry Christmas! Enjoy the new snow, but dress warm!

Royal Gorge 24-12-2016 à 19:01:44

It's still snowing going to be a great Holiday!

Royal Gorge 24-12-2016 à 18:57:48

Royal Gorgge staff celebrating the snow fall!

Royal Gorge 24-12-2016 à 06:17:42

Great news. The snow has been falling all day. Over 8" had piled up by the end of the workday and it was still coming down. This snow will allow for new trail to be opened but we are not sure how much at the moment. We are going to wait until the morning to put the cats on the snow, so please check back around 6:30am for an update on how much we are able to open.

Royal Gorge 22-12-2016 à 21:47:56

We have a 2km dog trail open in Van Norden! You can access it from the lower Judah parking lot if you walk to the end of the road and turn right. It's what your dog would love for Christmas.

Royal Gorge 22-12-2016 à 18:47:58

The weather forecast is looking better and better. Happy Holidays!

Royal Gorge 20-12-2016 à 20:16:51

We have a little snow and expecting more

Royal Gorge 18-12-2016 à 20:10:18

We are OPEN today with 5.4km of trail from Summit Station! Due to limited terrain trail passes will be offered for only $15. Enjoy this beautiful day doing what you love to do.

Royal Gorge 12-12-2016 à 19:22:25

This is what we're aiming for after this week's predicted snowfall. We will open as soon as we can provide good conditions again. Thank you for hanging in there while Mother Nature does what she feels she needs to do.

Royal Gorge 31-05-2016 à 21:18:43

Season pass prices go up tomorrow!! Passes give you the easiest access to the most snow in Tahoe + tons of bennies:

Royal Gorge 24-05-2016 à 16:29:48

Buy your 16/17 pass today for the best deal (prices go up June 1)!

Royal Gorge 18-04-2016 à 02:04:14

We just finished our final day of operations for the 15/16 winter season. THANK YOU for joining us for the best season we've had in years!!

Royal Gorge 20-03-2016 à 00:35:45

Check out the results from today's 10k race: Who's coming to the GOLD RUSH tomorrow?!

Royal Gorge 08-02-2016 à 17:03:40

Last day to vote! Share with all your friends! Lets get Royal Gorge into first place!

Royal Gorge 06-02-2016 à 17:45:42

Only 2 more days to vote! Go vote for Royal Gorge Cross Country as your favorite XC resort!

Royal Gorge 04-02-2016 à 19:18:29

Van Norden Meadow is OPEN! Skate, stride, snowshoe, even snowkite w/ Sierra Snowkite Center!

Royal Gorge 04-02-2016 à 17:31:59

Show your favorite XC Resort and vote them the best XC Resort in the country! Vote once a day until February 8th!

Royal Gorge 02-02-2016 à 21:05:12

Show your favorite XC Resort and vote them the best XC Resort in the country! Vote once a day until February 8th!

Royal Gorge 02-02-2016 à 00:22:53

Summit Station will be re-opening tomorrow 2/2! Enjoy 16 tracks and 21km of grooming.

Royal Gorge 01-02-2016 à 19:01:20

OPS UPDATE: Summit Station is still closed, due to heavy precip & flooding. The Village side is open with 16 trails and 21km of grooming

Royal Gorge 31-01-2016 à 22:09:04

RT @10Best: Is North America's Biggest Best? Vote @royalgorgexc tops for #XCSkiing!

Royal Gorge 31-01-2016 à 19:10:27

OPS UPDATE: VILLAGE STATION XC & VILLAGE TRAILS OPEN! Enjoy 16 tracks & 21km of grooming. Summit Station re-opening tomorrow!

Royal Gorge 31-01-2016 à 16:59:09

Due to heavy precip & flooding in critical areas of XC operations, we're temporarily closed until further notice. Pls stay tuned for updates

Royal Gorge 23-01-2016 à 18:14:05

Show your love & vote for us in @USATODAY's poll of the best XC resorts in the USA!