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Nubs Nob SA 20-01-2015 à 17:06:02

have you heard about our #oneofakind event? #NubsNob #romesds #shaggyscoppercountryskis #MIboarder @MiSkiReport

Nubs Nob SA 22-12-2014 à 15:36:07

The sun is coming out, corduroy is perfect; Another amazing day!

Nubs Nob SA 20-12-2014 à 16:50:51

beautiful, soft corduroy today! Today is gonna be a good day :) #nubsnob #midwest #SkiMichigan

Nubs Nob SA 19-12-2014 à 20:42:40

Absolutely #bluebird today. If you didn't take turns, you missed it....

Nubs Nob SA 07-12-2014 à 16:00:52

Have you been getting your turns in?? Check out our first #OneFunRun with Sawyer Blevins on Ramblewood! #NubsNob

Nubs Nob SA 28-11-2014 à 21:35:55

Tomorrow is the day! The 5th Annual Manna Jam is going to be a blast, #itsstillnovember #alltime #nubsnob

Nubs Nob SA 27-11-2014 à 20:29:24

Nub's Nob Ski Area is open with 26 runs (more than any other Northern Lower Michigan Ski Areas!). We are giving ski and snowboard lessons daily. Start you season off with a great start, Call 1-231-526-2131 to book your private lesson!

Nubs Nob SA 19-11-2014 à 22:57:03

#djiphantom2 #GoPro #Nubsnob #nmlifestyle #puremichigan #bestnovemberever #skiseason

Nubs Nob SA 19-11-2014 à 17:03:45

#openingday #skiseason #northernmichigan #puremichigan #bestnovemberever #nubsnob #snowfarmers

Nubs Nob SA 17-11-2014 à 19:42:44

Nub's Nob Ski Area will open Saturday and Sunday, November 22 and 23, 9am to 4:30pm. Call today to book your Private Lessons! 231-526-2131

Nubs Nob SA 17-11-2014 à 19:35:04

Testing Testing

Nubs Nob SA 17-11-2014 à 19:15:24

#NorthernMichigan is getting pounded with lake effect snow! We're counting down to opening day :) #skiseason #lakeeffect #nmlifestyle

Nubs Nob SA 02-11-2014 à 15:21:16

We're back at it! the 14/15 season is just around the corner, get stoked, it's gonna be a good one :) #skiseason

Nubs Nob SA 08-08-2014 à 16:38:08

Nubs Nob SA 29-05-2014 à 18:53:44

God Speed Warren Witherell!

Nubs Nob SA 02-05-2014 à 22:05:34

1 hour left to help our #MediaMan John Curtis take home this Native Eyewear contract! Vote Now! #LocalsOnlyProject

Nubs Nob SA 02-05-2014 à 17:51:46

It's the last day to vote for John Curtis! If you have ever enjoyed our media, toss him your votes #LocalsOnlyProject

Nubs Nob SA 01-05-2014 à 15:22:16

Hi all! It's time to rally! Vote for John Curtis to represent #Petoskey in this years #LocalsOnlyProject

Nubs Nob SA 28-04-2014 à 02:42:29

It's time to rally! Vote for John Curtis to be this year's videographer for @nativeyewear's #LocalsOnlyProject

Nubs Nob SA 12-11-2013 à 19:19:35

Nub's Nob Winter Sports School is currently taking reservations for lessons for the season! A great way to get your ski/board legs back before kicking it on the slopes! Call 1-231-526-2131 ext.23 for information!

Nubs Nob SA 06-11-2013 à 21:15:01

Shout out to the JC and SB and all the Park Guys for doing such an amazing job with the Nub's Nob Park!

Nubs Nob SA 27-09-2013 à 18:12:49

Nubs Nob SA 05-08-2013 à 17:27:50

God Speed Jacob Clute. Nub's Nob Winter Sports School Snowboard Instructor.

Nubs Nob SA 25-03-2013 à 21:05:35

Gumbi came to Mardi Gras!

Nubs Nob SA 25-03-2013 à 13:24:57

Check out the great skiing/lodging/food rates at local hotels and Nubs Nob! Come see before we officially close April 7th!