Mount Baw Baw


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giaitrivui a descendu 125.307m en 23:45:55 04-06-2017 à 02:14:48

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Mount Baw Baw 24-10-2016 à 00:38:42

Monday morning is not looking so bad from the top of Mt Baw Baw. #mtbawbaw #alpineadventuresoclose #monday

Mount Baw Baw 02-09-2016 à 02:06:36

3 days left to have your say, jump on the website to view the future directions paper.

Mount Baw Baw 25-08-2016 à 05:12:17

This weekend is going to be a GOOD ONE!!! #mtbawbaw #alpineadventuresoclose #snow

Mount Baw Baw 17-08-2016 à 10:45:08

We need your feedback on options for the future of Mt Baw Baw. Go online to provide your feedback

Mount Baw Baw 14-08-2016 à 04:16:29

Sunday Funday! #mtbawbaw #alpineadventuresoclose

Mount Baw Baw 07-08-2016 à 02:40:05

Loving the view yesterday... ...and the action from the Battle @ Baw Baw! #mtbawbaw #battleatbawbaw

Mount Baw Baw 06-08-2016 à 06:41:50

Come and get amoungst the prize money #mtbawbaw #battleatbawbaw #alpineadventuresoclose

Mount Baw Baw 04-08-2016 à 03:21:30

Don't miss the 10th Annual Battle @ Baw Baw this Saturday! Amateur & Juniors will fight it out for bragging rights.

Mount Baw Baw 02-08-2016 à 07:00:16

Geelong Christian Collage enjoying the fresh snow and great conditions. #mtbawbaw #schoolrocks

Mount Baw Baw 22-07-2016 à 13:56:01

It’s started ..... #mtbawbaw #snow #snowing #letitsnow

skigirl a descendu 883m en 00:01:46 20-07-2016 à 09:37:54

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Mount Baw Baw 17-07-2016 à 05:59:03

A big thumbs up from Frosti and these little shredders. #frostithefrog #mtbawbaw

Mount Baw Baw 16-07-2016 à 00:32:02

Absolutely glorious conditions today at Mt Baw Baw. Snow guns are still blazing. #mtbawbaw #alpineadventuresoclose

Mount Baw Baw 12-07-2016 à 05:14:45

Smiles all round at Mt Baw Baw! Our Snow Sports Instructor Steph is stoked, the white stuff is back! #mtbawbaw

Mount Baw Baw 10-07-2016 à 06:34:43

Frosti working hard taking bookings at Mt Baw Baw. Have you booked your winter getaway yet? #mtbawbaw

Mount Baw Baw 08-07-2016 à 08:42:02

Christmas in July is upon us @MountBawBaw See events page for details #hohoho #mtbawbaw

Mount Baw Baw 13-06-2016 à 08:10:51

Mount Baw Baw 13-06-2016 à 08:07:34

Photos from one of our members of the new snowfall this weekend!

Mount Baw Baw 13-06-2016 à 08:05:06

This long weekend was the Opening Weekend at Mt Baw Baw and we were thrilled with the snow!

Mount Baw Baw 03-10-2015 à 00:10:32

Baw Baw Spring Time

Mount Baw Baw 21-06-2015 à 05:28:52

Early morning snow making (photo stolen from Will Boucher)

Mount Baw Baw 13-08-2013 à 09:13:19

New snow!

Mount Baw Baw 21-07-2013 à 02:02:13

July 21 2013

Mount Baw Baw 24-06-2012 à 08:27:18

Mount Baw Baw 24-06-2012 à 08:26:06

Mount Baw Baw 24-06-2012 à 08:24:33