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Marquette Mountain 30-12-2016 à 01:44:40

We are having such a great holiday week at the Mountain, conditions are great - 11 runs and more by the weekend - park features - and three lifts running! Come spend the weekend with us, ride in the new year with $20 lifts and $16 rental after 4pm on Saturday! Fireworks at 9 and band from 8-midnight!!!

Marquette Mountain 28-12-2016 à 19:01:02

Party on New Year's Eve!

Marquette Mountain 28-12-2016 à 02:35:05

12-27-2016 Snow Report: After a quick thaw things are going back to winter. Expecting some light lake effect over the next couple days with a spot of system snow. Should mix right in as grooming continues. Snow guns are back on and we're looking forward to the opening of Cliffs Ridge and Upper Snowfield in the near future.

Marquette Mountain 25-12-2016 à 14:16:49

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!!! We will be riding from 12-5, come show us your new gifts!!!

Marquette Mountain 23-12-2016 à 18:44:11

Last chance to get discounted advance lift tickets. Save $7 off peak price. Good for 2 seasons. Deadline is December 24.

Marquette Mountain 23-12-2016 à 18:41:02

Check out what's going on live...

Marquette Mountain 23-12-2016 à 01:00:09

Check out what we have in-store for the holidays!

Marquette Mountain 22-12-2016 à 03:00:53

Winter Solstice Snow Report 12-21-16: 3-4" of fresh powder this afternoon on top of a 18-36" base, 9 runs open with more to follow this weekend, groomed runs on packed powder mixed with high density man-made. Grooming Report: -Snowfield -Rocket -Contour -Ridge -New Ridge -Tyro all fresh corduroy

Marquette Mountain 17-12-2016 à 18:00:03

Did somebody order some fresh? Well, come and get it!

Marquette Mountain 16-12-2016 à 04:03:11

Come out and ride this weekend.

Marquette Mountain 09-06-2015 à 08:45:29

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Marquette Mountain 09-06-2015 à 05:16:58

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Marquette Mountain 08-06-2015 à 23:48:56

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Marquette Mountain 08-06-2015 à 23:30:22

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Marquette Mountain 08-06-2015 à 20:18:05

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Marquette Mountain 08-06-2015 à 20:08:44

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Marquette Mountain 08-06-2015 à 17:49:26

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Marquette Mountain 08-06-2015 à 14:56:12

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Marquette Mountain 08-06-2015 à 12:06:26

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Marquette Mountain 08-06-2015 à 11:45:02

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Marquette Mountain 08-06-2015 à 08:45:26

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Marquette Mountain 08-06-2015 à 05:16:54

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Marquette Mountain 08-06-2015 à 03:24:20

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Marquette Mountain 07-06-2015 à 20:18:05

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