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Jiminy Peak 29-12-2016 à 21:27:12

It's been snowing all day. And it's continuing all night. https://t.co/xYAy754PGf

Jiminy Peak 29-12-2016 à 21:26:03

It's been dumping snow all day. And it's continuing all night.

Jiminy Peak 28-12-2016 à 19:32:20

Congrats to all the winners in the Candy Cane Scramble! There's still 1 left out there. Twilight skiers - keep a look out as you head to the slopes.....Good luck!

Jiminy Peak 28-12-2016 à 01:19:38

Reminder: our first ever Candy Cane Scramble is tomorrow!

Jiminy Peak 27-12-2016 à 19:04:37

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

Jiminy Peak 24-12-2016 à 17:31:29

First update of the season from the Jiminy Peak Terrain Park!

Jiminy Peak 24-12-2016 à 17:17:13

1st park update of the season! https://t.co/J6YzA9vayo

Jiminy Peak 24-12-2016 à 17:15:43

RT @GreggyKelz: Great night skiing @jiminypeak. Thanks for grooming Whirlaway! #winchwhostolexmas https://t.co/dVaieJ9L26

Jiminy Peak 23-12-2016 à 16:35:31


Jiminy Peak 22-12-2016 à 17:01:02

RT @BerkshireEagle: @jiminypeak is now running on 100 percent renewable energy. https://t.co/ozLx3loREL

Jiminy Peak 22-12-2016 à 16:58:25

"Jiminy really does set the standard, in many ways, for the rest of the industry."

Jiminy Peak 22-12-2016 à 15:25:01

Jiminy Peak 22-12-2016 à 01:04:00

We are planning to open Widow White's Peak tomorrow. That includes the following trails: Panorama, Noreaster, and Easy Does it.

Jiminy Peak 21-12-2016 à 20:42:41

Our first annual candy cane scramble is happening on Dec. 28th. Info --> https://t.co/uAEg9iFPBV https://t.co/uAEg9iFPBV

Jiminy Peak 21-12-2016 à 20:41:57

RT @owenfolsom: Just booked a week Vacation Villages in the Berkshire and planning to do some riding @jiminypeak. Can't wait to head west a…

Jiminy Peak 21-12-2016 à 20:41:31

@cyclesnack (Tweet 3 of 3) Official policy states that once we’re open for business, every1 on the mtn must have a lift ticket/season pass.

Jiminy Peak 21-12-2016 à 20:40:34

@cyclesnack (Tweet 2 of 3) On a day when we’re officially closed, there is no uphilling allowed.

Jiminy Peak 21-12-2016 à 20:40:25

@cyclesnack (Tweet 1 of 3) Hey Mark, you have to begin your uphill trek prior to opening, on a day we are scheduled to open.

Jiminy Peak 21-12-2016 à 20:32:58

Jiminy Peak 20-12-2016 à 03:44:11

The view from Panorama tonight. Photo: Carter Dawes, team Snowmageddon https://t.co/Y0IxxGUKBl

Jiminy Peak 19-12-2016 à 15:14:13

Happy Monday

Jiminy Peak 17-12-2016 à 20:07:40

Phenomenal day. https://t.co/UF0cMxbnJ5

Jiminy Peak 17-12-2016 à 15:26:17

Jiminy Peak 15-12-2016 à 22:12:04

@richyrich3031 @richyrich3031 About midway down the trail

Jiminy Peak 15-12-2016 à 19:30:33

RT @AsaStackelNews: .@jiminypeak in good shape for Christmas break. The mountain had more snow before Thanksgiving than all of last year. h…