Jack Frost


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Jack Frost Il ya seulement 12 heures

Still going strong! Perfect temps for snowmaking! Jack Frost will be open before you know it! #winterishere

Jack Frost Il ya seulement 16 heures

Just like magic! Welcome winter, we've missed you. It's looking great up here at Jack Frost! https://t.co/w4S6JciQDL

Jack Frost Il ya seulement 17 heures

Jack Frost Il ya seulement 17 heures

Winter has arrived at Jack Frost!!!

Jack Frost HIER à 04:05:27

It's here! Snowmaking has begun at Jack Frost! https://t.co/sCPC8uSQcE

Jack Frost HIER à 01:28:07

Let it snow! Let it snow! Snowmaking has begun at Jack Frost!!

Jack Frost HIER à 01:21:28

Jack Frost HIER à 17:09:03

Thanks to these single digits, we will be making snow! Who's ready for the weekend?

Jack Frost HIER à 16:56:14

With these single digit nights, Big Boulder is trying to make plenty of snow for the weekend. We'll be open from 10-8pm Saturday & Sunday with $25 lift tickets. Dress warm, because there will be lots of snow to play in!

Jack Frost 07-12-2016 à 19:35:45

Guys - we're on the verge of making snow - and A LOT of it, given the forecast! Target opening day 12/17 w/ 6 or 7… https://t.co/ZxqYG8Mayi

Jack Frost 07-12-2016 à 19:20:58

Our #snowmaking team is on standby waiting to fire up the system ASAP - we'll be aggressively blowing snow on Challenger, ONE Park, Easy Rider, Powder Puff, Snowflake, Ski School, and if we have anything left even DeMatte's! Opening Day target is Saturday December 17th with 6 or 7 slopes & 4 or 5 lifts - #winteriscoming to #jfbb ! Spread the word!

Jack Frost 06-12-2016 à 17:41:18

Come work with us, we're still hiring! Check it out on https://t.co/V6vXu0Tg4N

Jack Frost 06-12-2016 à 17:37:41

Still looking for a job? We're still hiring! Check us out at http://www.jfbb.com/employment/

Jack Frost 05-12-2016 à 14:54:55

Thanks to the snow we just got, @bigboulderPARK will be open today from 3-9pm, and we're on our way to opening

Jack Frost 05-12-2016 à 14:53:32

Thanks to the snow we received, Big Boulder will be open today from 3-9pm, and Jack Frost is one step closer to opening!

Jack Frost 02-12-2016 à 15:59:22

Don't forget your $20 lift tickets Saturday & Sunday at @bigboulderPARK ! https://t.co/bT9qyF8pjj

Jack Frost 02-12-2016 à 15:51:34

Don't miss out, $20 lift tickets to Freedom Park at big boulder PARK Saturday and Sunday from 10-8!

Jack Frost 02-12-2016 à 11:40:44

RT @HappeningsMag: Throwback to our 1977 'Skiers in Silhouette' cover taken at Jack Frost Big Boulder! @skiJFBB @bigboulderPARK #tbt #histo…

Jack Frost 29-11-2016 à 15:48:58

We're hoping to look like this again soon. Keep your fingers crossed! https://t.co/pPrEGhjm9Z

Jack Frost 28-11-2016 à 16:24:12

50% off lift tickets are sold out! JFBB will be offering the same deal at a 30% discount ($40)!… https://t.co/z1db6rN37N

Jack Frost 27-11-2016 à 18:34:26

Don't miss Cyber Monday Deals @skijfbb ! 50% off lift tickets and get $10 Free for every $100… https://t.co/SlPZzJsbrk

Jack Frost 26-11-2016 à 05:18:52

Join us again Saturday & Sunday from 10-8 at @bigboulderPARK ! https://t.co/X0jqrTEZ2m

Jack Frost 26-11-2016 à 02:44:33

JFBB Cyber Monday Deals 50% lift tickets and $10 FREE for every $100 spent on gift cards. Monday… https://t.co/nNrGfnbs4b

Jack Frost 23-11-2016 à 18:03:10

It's HERE! big boulder PARK is opening Friday at 3pm with Freedom Park. $20 lift tickets or… https://t.co/auSLpMYBij

Jack Frost 22-11-2016 à 19:38:30

Winter is finally here- Big Boulder is making snow! Stay tuned ❄️❄️❄️ https://t.co/6viBenpDBP