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Hesperus 28-11-2016 à 22:03:26

Hesperus 27-11-2016 à 22:44:37

Snowy views from today's storm!

Hesperus 07-11-2016 à 22:29:30

Join our team! Stop by the La Plata County Fairgrounds from 4-6p today to learn about available volunteer positions. http://ow.ly/zxDT305WNoG

Hesperus 18-10-2016 à 19:47:05

Just announced: Hesperus Ski Area owner, James Coleman, has purchased San Juan Untracked in Durango, CO! His first order of business? Changing the name to Purgatory Snowcat Adventures, dropping prices and adding Power Pass passholder benefits. https://www.purgatoryresort.com/snowcat/

Hesperus 05-10-2016 à 01:54:58

Photo: Scott D W Smith

Hesperus 05-10-2016 à 01:53:44

We can't wait for snowy sunsets like this one!

Hesperus 22-09-2016 à 19:30:20

We are thrilled to announce that James Coleman, owner of Purgatory Resort, Arizona Snowbowl, Pajarito Mountain and Sipapu Ski and Summer Resort, is acquiring Hesperus Ski Area! Hesperus season pass holders now get unlimited skiing at Sipapu Ski and Summer Resort and Pajarito Mountain on the New Mexico/Hesperus Pass for $319. Click here for more details: https://www.ski-hesperus.com Photo: Scott D W Smith

Hesperus 06-03-2016 à 17:31:01

FRESH Snow!! Open 10am til 5pm TODAY! All Day Lift Tickets ONLY $25.00!! Join us for the LAST DAY of the season!

Hesperus 29-02-2016 à 20:23:41

Bring the family and friends and take advantage of Great Savings this Saturday and Sunday. All Lift Tickets are $25.00! Hesperus is open Saturday and Sunday from 10am til 5pm. Great Spring Snow! Sunny Skies! See you there!

Hesperus 27-02-2016 à 23:26:15

Great day at Hesperus today! Open Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm.

Hesperus 31-01-2015 à 01:40:10

: Snowfall UPDATE!New snow:  6"  Still Snowing!Total Base: 31"POWDER! and packed powder conditions http://t.co/xGmLD8IP6d

Hesperus 30-01-2015 à 16:24:00

: New Snow:  2-4"Still snowing!Total Base:  29"Powder and packed powder http://t.co/O6yN2GzPpp

Hesperus 28-01-2015 à 23:50:09

: New Snow: 0"Total Base:  27"Packed powder conditions http://t.co/RPh4d1Eeta

Hesperus 23-01-2015 à 23:27:01

: New Snow:  0"Total Base:  29"Powder and packed powder http://t.co/oCMjChjNMV

Hesperus 16-01-2015 à 04:56:00

: New Snow in last 24 Hours: 0"Total Base:  31"Powder and packed powder conditions.Open 4-9PM Monday - FridayS... http://t.co/T8a8SFiCy0

Hesperus 11-01-2015 à 17:10:49

: New Snow:  2"Total Base:  26"Powder and Packed PowderCome ski, board, tube at Hesperus! http://t.co/EhohJ72lDo

Hesperus 09-01-2015 à 02:29:21

: Total Base 25"Powder packed powder conditions!Open for night skiing, boarding, tubing! http://t.co/CVEILXOtnh

Hesperus 05-01-2015 à 16:06:54

: Night Skiing/Boarding/Tubing!  4PM - 9PM Monday - FridaySaturday 9AM - 9PMSunday 9AM- 4PMTotal Base:  26"Pow... http://t.co/WO23gsVpSb

Hesperus 03-01-2015 à 16:46:58

: Bright, Sunny, Beautiful Days at Hesperus Ski AreaNew Snow:  0Total Base:  26"Powder and Packed PowderSki, S... http://t.co/1K8JTEmxsI

Hesperus 02-01-2015 à 03:42:22

: Snow Report UPDATENew Snow:  12"Total Base:  26"Powder and packed powder  http://t.co/lo42jPOEkY

Hesperus 01-01-2015 à 14:15:55

: HAPPY NEW YEAR!New Snow:  8"Total Base:  25"Still Snowing! http://t.co/DvWryBrxDY

Hesperus 30-12-2014 à 01:47:57

: New Snow:  2"Total Base:  18"Powder and Packed powderOpen Daily 9am - 4pm http://t.co/cHRamZyxKd

Hesperus 28-12-2014 à 16:01:32

: New snow in last 24 hours: 0"Total Base:  18"Powder and packed powder.Open daily 9am - 4pm. http://t.co/OWaWIJTiid

Hesperus 26-12-2014 à 16:56:37

: New Snow!Base:  18"12'" new snowOPENING SUNDAY, DECEMBER 28 9AM - 4PM http://t.co/FWS2GAhopQ

Hesperus 22-12-2014 à 19:58:54

: Still waiting for adequate snowfall!  Hesperus Ski Area will open soon. http://t.co/8kEHBzshgR