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Hesperus 29-12-2016 à 20:50:25

Do you have a 4th grader? Good news! 4th graders ski FREE every day at Hesperus. Just present a report card! Photo: Delia R Funk

Hesperus 29-12-2016 à 03:05:16

Sunset #nofilter

Hesperus 28-12-2016 à 16:35:29

Who else caught the gorgeous sunset last night? We’re open from 9-4 today! #latergram

Hesperus 27-12-2016 à 19:35:16

We offer first timers (ages 7 and over) up to three FREE lessons with the purchase of a full-day, full-price lift ticket!

Hesperus 27-12-2016 à 17:44:39

@thejdc captured this little guy’s first ever ski run. Congrats, Tom! #skihesperus

Hesperus 27-12-2016 à 00:32:30

We love bluebird powder days! #skihesperus

Hesperus 26-12-2016 à 16:53:18

We picked up 9” in the last 24 hours and a storm total of 16”! #skihesperus

Hesperus 25-12-2016 à 23:32:42

Update: it’s been dumping all day and Mountain Manager Ben says we’ve picked up more than 6” of snow since this morning.

Hesperus 25-12-2016 à 19:03:45

Right now at Hesperus! Merry Christmas from our family to yours. #skihesperus

Hesperus 24-12-2016 à 17:45:26

Have you been tubing at Hesperus, yet? $10 gets you a tube and one hour of fun! #tubehesperus

Hesperus 31-01-2015 à 01:40:10

: Snowfall UPDATE!New snow:  6"  Still Snowing!Total Base: 31"POWDER! and packed powder conditions http://t.co/xGmLD8IP6d

Hesperus 30-01-2015 à 16:24:00

: New Snow:  2-4"Still snowing!Total Base:  29"Powder and packed powder http://t.co/O6yN2GzPpp

Hesperus 28-01-2015 à 23:50:09

: New Snow: 0"Total Base:  27"Packed powder conditions http://t.co/RPh4d1Eeta

Hesperus 23-01-2015 à 23:27:01

: New Snow:  0"Total Base:  29"Powder and packed powder http://t.co/oCMjChjNMV

Hesperus 16-01-2015 à 04:56:00

: New Snow in last 24 Hours: 0"Total Base:  31"Powder and packed powder conditions.Open 4-9PM Monday - FridayS... http://t.co/T8a8SFiCy0

Hesperus 11-01-2015 à 17:10:49

: New Snow:  2"Total Base:  26"Powder and Packed PowderCome ski, board, tube at Hesperus! http://t.co/EhohJ72lDo

Hesperus 09-01-2015 à 02:29:21

: Total Base 25"Powder packed powder conditions!Open for night skiing, boarding, tubing! http://t.co/CVEILXOtnh

Hesperus 05-01-2015 à 16:06:54

: Night Skiing/Boarding/Tubing!  4PM - 9PM Monday - FridaySaturday 9AM - 9PMSunday 9AM- 4PMTotal Base:  26"Pow... http://t.co/WO23gsVpSb

Hesperus 03-01-2015 à 16:46:58

: Bright, Sunny, Beautiful Days at Hesperus Ski AreaNew Snow:  0Total Base:  26"Powder and Packed PowderSki, S... http://t.co/1K8JTEmxsI

Hesperus 02-01-2015 à 03:42:22

: Snow Report UPDATENew Snow:  12"Total Base:  26"Powder and packed powder  http://t.co/lo42jPOEkY

Hesperus 01-01-2015 à 14:15:55

: HAPPY NEW YEAR!New Snow:  8"Total Base:  25"Still Snowing! http://t.co/DvWryBrxDY

Hesperus 30-12-2014 à 01:47:57

: New Snow:  2"Total Base:  18"Powder and Packed powderOpen Daily 9am - 4pm http://t.co/cHRamZyxKd

Hesperus 28-12-2014 à 16:01:32

: New snow in last 24 hours: 0"Total Base:  18"Powder and packed powder.Open daily 9am - 4pm. http://t.co/OWaWIJTiid

Hesperus 26-12-2014 à 16:56:37

: New Snow!Base:  18"12'" new snowOPENING SUNDAY, DECEMBER 28 9AM - 4PM http://t.co/FWS2GAhopQ

Hesperus 22-12-2014 à 19:58:54

: Still waiting for adequate snowfall!  Hesperus Ski Area will open soon. http://t.co/8kEHBzshgR