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Grimentz Il ya une heure

Christmas Market this weekend !! If you are in Grimentz over the weekend pay a visit and sample some of the great produce on offer !!

Grimentz 05-12-2016 à 11:42:11

Look at the weather and conditions !! The professionals are training on the pistes today!!

Grimentz 01-12-2016 à 21:49:38

This is a great Christmas Fayre held in the old village - lots of stalls selling gifts, local products, food and not to forget the mulled wine! This year it's held over the weekend of the 10th/11th December

Grimentz 27-11-2016 à 22:04:14

Check out Ted Ligety on the slopes in Zinal!

Grimentz 19-11-2016 à 14:37:50

The season has started - weekends only until full time opening from 17th December through to the 23rd April 2017 - fantastic long season on guaranteed snow!

Grimentz 18-11-2016 à 19:11:37

Getting excited !!

Grimentz 16-11-2016 à 09:00:57

3 days till season starts !!!!

Grimentz 14-11-2016 à 20:19:33

HERE'S ANOTHER GREAT THING TO TRY WHEN YOU ARE IN GRIMENTZ -- SKI TOURING WITH CLIMBING SKINS - Do you like getting up early to enjoy the natural world? Put on your climbing skins and explore the mountains in a different way on one of the ski touring trips from Grimentz. Every Wednesday morning during the winter season, Ms Christine Torche (Swiss Ski School instructor) meets skiers at 06:30 at the starting point of the Grimentz-Bendolla gondola lift (1600 m) for an energetic climb towards the Anniviers peaks. The tour takes you along ski pistes and forest tracks, as the sun slowly rises over the fabulous landscape. In the early winter, it finishes at the mountain restaurant in Bendolla (2130 m), but later in the season, it continues as far as the Becs de Bosson (2870 m) or to Orzival (2820 m). The route may vary depending on the weather and snow conditions. Booking at the Tourist office..

Grimentz 14-11-2016 à 08:54:31

It's a beautiful snowy morning today!!!

Grimentz 12-11-2016 à 09:58:34

Grimentz 26-03-2014 à 09:28:34

RT @zinalfreeride: I just uploaded "Zinal Freeride 2014" to Vimeo:

Grimentz 26-03-2014 à 09:28:12

RT @Annitrek: -1.1 à Zinal, -10.1 à Tracuit 2600m, -13.6 en surface, -12.6 à la Corne de Sorebois. Nébulosité 20%, HR 57%, vent nul, DA 3

Grimentz 26-03-2014 à 09:26:52

@pistechat Many Thanks for your RT!

Grimentz 25-03-2014 à 21:36:47

@Number10cat He's getting down with "them" so he can talk about Bingo with confidence

Grimentz 25-03-2014 à 21:24:23

RT @MartinRHartley: Off to The North Geographic Pole to ski back to Canada & film documentary on climate issues

Grimentz 25-03-2014 à 21:17:34

@LadyEleanorA Many Thanks for your RT :D

Grimentz 25-03-2014 à 21:14:58

Valais students learn about off piste safety (in French) #ski #Switzerland

Grimentz 25-03-2014 à 20:16:28

@FizzyDuck Life is great as long as I keep taking the pills ;-) LOL

Grimentz 25-03-2014 à 20:11:36

Swiss National Avalanche Bulletin in English 26/3. Considerable Danger in some Regions #ski #Switzerland

Grimentz 25-03-2014 à 20:07:54

@FizzyDuck Hiya :D How are you tonight?

Grimentz 25-03-2014 à 20:00:13

@eurapart Kids! He ought to be showing you the sights ;-)

Grimentz 25-03-2014 à 13:57:18

RT @SKITUDE_Alps: Be up there, forget everything, just focus! #phraseoftheweek #lovetoski #passionforski @SkiGrimentz

Grimentz 25-03-2014 à 13:56:49

Wtf indeed :( Awful that the Police Dept thought their response (murder) was appropriate RT @nosiesta: @SkiGrimentz @HuffPostUK

Grimentz 25-03-2014 à 08:11:58

RT @Annitrek: -9.2 à Zinal 1700m, -13.3 à Tracuit -21.3 en surface -15.5 à la Corne de Sorebois. Nébulosité 35% HR 57%, vents W<15km/h, DA 3

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