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Edelweiss Valley 02-12-2016 à 00:17:51

Edelweiss Valley 30-11-2016 à 00:50:37

Welcome to Taos Ski Valley

Edelweiss Valley 29-11-2016 à 14:51:57

Top Spot goes to #Taos for USA Today's #BEST #SKI #TOWN!

Edelweiss Valley 23-11-2016 à 15:19:55

#Snow in #Taos

Edelweiss Valley 07-10-2016 à 05:50:49

The Blonde Bear Tavern is in the running for #best #après #ski in #New #Mexico. It is a bit of a popularity contest- or perhaps a mobilization contest but we are hoping we can count on you to give us your vote (you can actually vote once a day even). When you next come to the bar, remind me and I’ll buy you a drink for voting!! It only take about 30 seconds- Here's the link: http://apres.freeskier.com/ Thanks for the support. Kent

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Edelweiss Valley 06-04-2016 à 18:25:41

In case you missed it - #Ski #Taos #PondSkimming Edelweiss Lodge & Spa

Edelweiss Valley 01-04-2016 à 14:13:40

Last weekend to come up and make some turns.

Edelweiss Valley 23-03-2016 à 20:00:35

New and old- Throw back Thursday a little early. Was given this old photo the Edelweiss' previous incarnation- the Hotel Edelweiss.