Devils Head


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Domaine skiable ouvert
Neige artificielle
Type de neige
58 cm
Épaisseur de neige

raulromeroskitude a descendu 1.030m en 00:02:43 25-09-2017 à 13:04:56

Marche à pied
26,53m (2,57%)
Vitesse moyenne

Devils Head 30-12-2016 à 04:41:42

Snow Update: currently dumping with no signs of slowing up. #letitsnow

Devils Head 29-12-2016 à 18:34:09

Thursday nights is the

Devils Head 28-12-2016 à 18:56:43

Devils Head 17-12-2016 à 21:17:09

Wait, it's snowing? #findyourbeach

Devils Head 15-12-2016 à 17:31:55

Saturday night under the lights! Join us in celebrating the build of Sidewinder park with a rail jam. Tons of prizes, swag, a DJ and a black light after party in the Devil's Den.

Devils Head 14-12-2016 à 18:49:11

Keep it coming! Looks like we've got another big storm heading our way this weekend.

Devils Head 13-12-2016 à 17:33:38

Cold temps = full expansion mode. Expect more runs and lifts to be open next weekend. Stay tuned for updates!

Devils Head 12-12-2016 à 22:22:15

Winter feels at the lodge today.

Devils Head 11-12-2016 à 16:37:02

Not pictured: The huge smile under his face mask. 6" over night and the storm shows no signs of letting up! #winterwonderland #getoutandplay

Devils Head 10-12-2016 à 23:29:47

Buckle up! We've got 8-12" in the forecast for the next two days.

Devils Head 06-02-2016 à 23:55:48

RT @dgaEric: @Eric_DA_MOOSE had a blast @DevilsHead today! #ThankYou

Devils Head 06-02-2016 à 13:34:51

RT @dgaEric: Rolling out #predawn ⛷ @DevilsHead @Eric_DA_MOOSE #BeautifulDay

Devils Head 31-01-2016 à 23:47:14

RT @NewBelgium_MSP: There's a snake in my boot! ❤ from @DevilsHead and the @newbelgium Mountain Adventure.

Devils Head 27-01-2016 à 22:31:34

@K2_Kevin see you soon!

Devils Head 27-01-2016 à 21:37:21

RT @rydercupstl2016: We will be returning to Devil's Head for the 2016 Ryder Cup tourney as the Europeans look to 3 peat #rydercupstl2016 @…

Devils Head 27-01-2016 à 21:37:06

@Swanky_Jake happy to have had you!

Devils Head 27-01-2016 à 21:36:21

RT @WSJbeerbaron: A day of skiing, activities and @NewBelgium beer will raise funds for @UWCarbone Jan. 30 at @DevilsHead:…

Devils Head 27-01-2016 à 21:36:17

RT @WisconsinTrails: Some love for @DevilsHead

Devils Head 23-01-2016 à 00:30:10

RT @CapBrew: #TapTakeover tomorrow 1/23 @DevilsHead feat. #WinterSkäl & #Maibock w/ a snowboard giveaway!

Devils Head 23-01-2016 à 00:29:51

RT @sturtheblur: Great day on the slopes @DevilsHead #midwest #snowboard

Devils Head 18-01-2016 à 14:54:03

RT @RobertWGuy: Another great couple of days @DevilsHead, can't wait to go back!

Devils Head 18-01-2016 à 14:53:55

@AmesAngels we hope you enjoyed your first experience! So glad it was with us!

Devils Head 12-01-2016 à 01:26:42

@Roon_Dawg26 thank you for joining us! Hope you had a blast & come back soon!

Devils Head 12-01-2016 à 01:25:58

BIG PILES = BIG SMILES! #devilshead #skiing #snowboarding

Devils Head 04-01-2016 à 01:51:55

RT @klingbeil_ISU: Night time skiing @DevilsHead #vacation #HappyNewYear